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CapSense® Controller Code Examples | Cypress Semiconductor

CapSense® Controller Code Examples

Last Updated: 
May 31, 2017

Cypress CapSense® solutions bring elegant, reliable, and easy-to-use capacitive touch sensing functionality to your design. Our capacitive touch sensing solutions have replaced more than 4 billion mechanical buttons. CapSense also changed the face of industrial design in products such as cell phones, PCs, consumer electronics, and white goods. Cypress’s robust CapSense solutions leverage our flexible Programmable System-on-Chip (PSoC®) architecture to accelerate time-to-market, integrate critical system functions, and reduce bill of materials costs.

This document provides a detailed overview of 10 CapSense code examples with an intention to help customers experience and evaluate features of Cypress CapSense Controllers, CapSense Kits, and CapSense User Modules. This document also explains how to read back and plot sensor data through I2C and UART interfaces. You should be familiar with CapSense sensing technology before you read this document.

Introduction to CapSense Controller Code Example Design Guide Video

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