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AN97044 - Migrating from FM25V20 to FM25V20A | Cypress Semiconductor

AN97044 - Migrating from FM25V20 to FM25V20A

Last Updated: 
Aug 26, 2015

AN97044 discusses  the  key differences  that  need  to  be  considered when  migrating  from  FM25V20 to FM25V20A.


FM25V20A, a 2-Mbit Serial (SPI) F-RAM, is a drop-in replacement device for FM25V20, which is now “Not recommended for new designs”. For all designs, the FM25V20A device can be considered as a superset of the FM25V20. The two devices are identical in terms of pinout, package composition and dimensions, and read/write functionality. This application note discusses the key differences between the two devices that need to be considered when migrating from FM25V20 to FM25V20A.

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