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AN91445 - Antenna Design and RF Layout Guidelines | Cypress Semiconductor

AN91445 - Antenna Design and RF Layout Guidelines

Last Updated: 
Feb 15, 2016

AN91445 explains antenna design in simple terms and recommends two Cypress-tested PCB antennas that can be implemented at a very low cost for use with the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) solutions that are part of Cypress’s PRoC™ and PSoC® families. The PRoC BLE and PSoC 4 BLE 2.4-GHz radio must be carefully matched to its antenna for optimum performance. It concludes by showing how to tune the antenna in the final product.


An antenna is a critical component in a wireless system that transmits and receives electromagnetic radiation in free space. The wireless range that an end-customer gets out of an RF product with a current-limited power source such as a coin-cell battery depends greatly on the antenna design, the enclosure, and a good PCB layout.