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AN69235 - Migrating from HX2/HX2LP to HX2VL | Cypress Semiconductor

AN69235 - Migrating from HX2/HX2LP to HX2VL

Last Updated: 
Sep 07, 2015

AN69235 is intended to help the developer migrate a hub design based on EZ-USB® HX2™ (CY7C65640A)/ EZ-USB® HX2LP™ (CY7C65630/20) to use the HX2VL™ (CY7C65642/32/34) hub. It also provides a feature comparison between HX2, HX2LP, and HX2VL to aid in the selection of the appropriate part number for migration. One must note that HX2 (TetraHub) is now not recommended for new designs.

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