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AN62792 - Updating Field Firmware With PLC | Cypress Semiconductor

AN62792 - Updating Field Firmware With PLC

Last Updated: 
Apr 06, 2016

AN62792 describes how to update the user application code of devices in the field with a Cypress Powerline Communication (PLC) device without any external microcontroller or EEPROM. A transmitter project that sends out its user application code over the powerline and a receiver project that receives the data from the powerline and reconfigures itself to the new application are attached to this application note.


After a system is deployed to the field, it may require updates in the future to either add features or fix issues in the application. If the systems are connected on a communication bus, updates can be performed over the communication bus. This way, the update can be sent from one central location, saving time and money. With the Cypress PLC solution, this concept of a field update can be performed without adding any additional components. The reception of data from the powerline and the update of the application code are performed in one device.

This application note provides an overview of powerline communication, describes the operation of the device’s CPU and how the code is read and updated. It describes how to write the application code so that it can be updated over PLC. It also walks through the attached example firmware projects that show how to transmit and receive a field update.