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AN6062 - enCoRe™ to enCoRe II Conversion | Cypress Semiconductor

AN6062 - enCoRe™ to enCoRe II Conversion

Last Updated: 
Aug 25, 2015

Having sold hundreds of millions of units, the Cypress enCoRe™ low-speed USB microcontroller family is the most successful USB device in the industry. However, it has not seen an update since its introduction in 2000. To keep up with the demands for increasing product functionality and decreasing system cost, Cypress has released the enCoRe II. AN6062 is targeted at developers who are familiar with the enCoRe devices, and who want to migrate to the next generation enCoRe II. It highlights the differences between the products that require attention during the migration, and also provides guidance on how to use some of the enCoRe II features. Although this application note discusses some hardware issues, its emphasis is on firmware.