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AN56778 - PowerPSoC® – MPPT Solar Charger with Integrated LED Driver | Cypress Semiconductor

AN56778 - PowerPSoC® – MPPT Solar Charger with Integrated LED Driver

Last Updated: 
Aug 11, 2015

The Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm is used in solar applications to track the peak power delivered by a solar panel and maximize the energy harvested by the panels. AN56778 describes the use of PowerPSoC® for an integrated solar charge controller based on the MPPT algorithm with LED drive functionality. It provides an overview of the battery-charging scheme using the Cypress PowerPSoC device and describes the state machine used in the algorithm. The associated project contains code examples that can be tested on reference boards available for purchase from Cypress’ design partners. The project also contains complete design files for the reference design board.


Please contact Innovatech Switching Power India Pvt. Ltd. to buy evaluation boards shown in this applicaiton note. Please refer for more information.

The video demonstrates a PowerPSoC based battery charger and LED controller for standalone solar electric systems.