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AN214848 - CYW43XX: FM Receiver Trace Routing Guidelines | Cypress Semiconductor

AN214848 - CYW43XX: FM Receiver Trace Routing Guidelines

Last Updated: 
Aug 24, 2017

This document provides board trace-routing guidelines for the FM receiver RF trace that connects the CYW43XX to a headset connector. It is intended for design engineers doing CYW43XX-based board layouts. This document is specific to the trace routing of the FM receiver RF trace on the following devices: ■CYW4324 ■CYW4334 ■CYW43341 ■CYW4335 For all other trace routing guidelines particular to a given device, refer to the schematic and layout guidelines for that device. To optimize FM receiver performance on a CYW43XX-based board and to minimize any negative effects of received FM signals on other board functions, the RF input trace to the FM receiver must be routed according to a specific set of layout guidelines. This document contains the layout guidelines, an example schematic that applies the guidelines, and a few layout examples showing routing practices to be avoided.

Note: Throughout the document, the FM receiver RF input is referred to as the FM RX input. For the CYW4334 and CYW4335, the FM RX input pin is labeled FM_RF.