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AN1236 - CY23FP12 Field Programming Guide | Cypress Semiconductor

AN1236 - CY23FP12 Field Programming Guide

Last Updated: 
Jul 10, 2017

AN1236 explains the device architecture, programmable options, programming process, and software configuration tools of the CY23FP12, a high-performance zero-delay buffer (ZDB) makes it a versatile clock distribution solution.

Introduction to CY23FP12

CY23FP12 is a field-programmable zero-delay buffer. It is a high-performance clock-distribution device that can be customized for a wide range of applications. CY23FP12, which integrates the functionalities of complete clock distribution solutions, takes advantage of Cypress's proprietary non-volatile memory technology to provide a fully programmable device. For prototypes, programmers are used; else, Cypress distributors take the responsibility of programming in large volumes.