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AN310 - Differences between FM25H20 and FM25V20 | Cypress Semiconductor

AN310 - Differences between FM25H20 and FM25V20

Last Updated: 
Aug 01, 2016
This is an Obsolete Application Note
The document AN310 - Differences between FM25H20 and FM25V20 has been marked as obsolete. The obsolete version of this application note is still available with the below description but may not be complete or valid any longer. If you have any questions or require support in regards to the below application note content, please click here and create a technical support case.

The FM25V20, a 2-Mbit Serial SPI F-RAM, is a replacement device for FM25H20; FM25H20 is an old part which is not recommended for new designs. For most designs, the FM25V20 device can be considered as a superset of the FM25H20. The two devices are identical in terms of pinout, package dimensions and composition, and read / write functionality. This application note discusses the key differences between the two devices which need to be considered when migrating from FM25H20 to FM25V20.