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DMEA Trusted Foundry | Cypress Semiconductor

DMEA Trusted Foundry

In 2010 Cypress Semiconductor enter the Trusted Foundry program to enable Cypress Foundry Solutions to better serve our customers that are working with the US Government. In order to further support this CFS has also joined the Trusted Supplier Steering Group, to help the industry and Government work together to forward security and trust in Integrated circuits.

The Trusted Foundry Program is managed for the DoD by the Defense MicroElectronic Activity (DMEA). The Trusted Foundry Program will:

- Provide an assured “Chain of Custody” for both classified and unclassified Integrated Circuits

- Ensure that there will not be any reasonable threats related to disruption of supply

- Prevent intentional or unintentional modification or tampering with the Integrated Circuit

- Protect the ICs from unauthorized attempts at reverse engineering, exposure to functionality or evaluation of their possible vulnerabilities.

In 2012 the DoD released a Department of Defense Instruction, DODI 5200-44, that requires the use of Trusted Suppliers for Application Specific Integrated Circuits.

More Information on the Trusted Foundry Program can be found at: DMEA Trusted Foundry Program