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Turnkey Electronics Group Inc | Cypress Semiconductor



Address: 1335 Gateway Dr Ste 2016
City: Melbourne
State: FL
Country: USA
Postal Code: 32901

Turnkey is a 10 person engineering services group.  Our primary areas of expertise are hardware design, programmable logic design and embedded software development.  We do printed circuit board layout, prototype and short run circuit card assembly, mechanical design and mechanical rapid prototyping in-house in order to provide a comprehensive and timely solution to most design requirements.  We address designs both in the industrial and consumer spaces.

Experienced In:

    • Hardware design - Digital / Analog / Interface; various processors and standards (x86, 68XXX, ARM, MSP430, AVR, PIC, 8051; 232, 422, USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth)
    • Programmable logic design - VHDL/ Verilog; experience with all major FPGA & CPLD manufacturers
    • Embedded software development - various languages
    • PC software development - various languages and levels
    • Experience designing for environmentally and electrically harsh environments

Market Segments:

  • Data Communications
  • Wireless Communications
  • Industrial
  • Consumer
  • Automotive


  • System Development
  • Software Development
  • Driver Development
  • CAE/CAD/PCB Design
  • Analog Design
  • Mixed-Signal Design
  • Real-Time OS
  • Programmable Logic Design
  • Compliance Testing
  • Instrumentation