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Products with Passion Inc. | Cypress Semiconductor


Address: 102 North 8th Street #2R
City: Brooklyn
State: NY
Country: USA
Postal Code: 11211
Phone: 917-687-0967

Products with Passion is three companies. 1) Engineering solutions, 2) Lighting fixture industry component representation and sales, 3) Lighting fixture manufacture and sales.

We have been trading as Products with passion (PwP) since 2005. The basic form of the engineering services company has been in business since 1992, the second two  business extensions are recent additions – added to grow and diversify the business.We have a full time staff of two in our Brooklyn office and use a team of specialist Consultants when needed – a network grown through 20 years of business.

Jon Connell is one of the better known lighting fixture design engineers and has always been at the forefront of new lighting technology development indiverse market segments. Jon Connell has multiple lighting patents, has been published in learned journals on  optics and lighting fixture engineering and is an active member of the New York chapter  of the IESNA.

Experienced In:

  •  Solid state lighting fixture and fixture component design services
  •  Optical design and analysis – lenses, reflectors and refractors for lighting control
  •  Electronic power design for lighting – LED drivers, fluorescent ballasts, switching
  •  Lighting product safety and conformance certification expedition – UL, CSA, CE etc
  •  Electronic control design for lighting – digital controls and systems
  •  Heatsink design and analysis for lighting – thermal solutions
  •  Component integration – Optical, Thermal and electronic component integration
  •  Mechanical, electronic, optical & opto-electronic integration services
  •  Mechanical and aesthetic component design for the lighting industry MCAD / ECAD
  •  Prototype services for lighting, electronic, optical, RP, sheet metal, molding
  •  Lighting component representation and sales.
  •  Lighting fixture design and manufacture.

Market Segments:

  •        Industrial
  •        Consumer
  •        Automotive/Transportation
  •        Instrumentation
  •        Automotive / Transportation


  •       System Level Design
  •       Software Development
  •       CAE/CAD/PCB Design
  •       Driver Development
  •       Analog
  •       Board design/layout
  •       Agency Certification
  •       Machine Vision
  •       Agency Certification
  •       Compliance Testing
  •       Industrial/Mechanical Design
  •       Embedded Control