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Plexus | Cypress Semiconductor


Address: 55 Jewelers Park Dr
City: Neenah
State: WI
Country: USA
Postal Code: 54956

Plexus is a contract design and manufacturing company who focuses on 4 main sectors, wireless/wireline, medical, industrial/commercial, and defense/security/aerospace. Plexus’ design engine is broken into a number of functional groups to support the  overlapping design needs of the sectors. The groups are Project Management, Analog  Design (including power supply & RF/Wireless design), Digital Design (including  System & FPGA design), Embedded Software Design, and Mechanical & Industrial  Design and PCB Design. Our manufacturing experience and focus on meeting EMC and  agency requirements from the start ensures a quality, robust design that is positioned for success in volume manufacturing. Experienced Plexus’ engineers perform system  engineering functions, as well as point of service functions such as signal integrity analysis.

Experienced In:

    • High-Speed Design – OC-192, 10GE, etc.
    • Signal Integrity Analysis
    • CFD Analysis - Thermal Simulations
    • Power Supply Design and Power Distribution
    • FPGA/CPLD Design including high-speed SerDes
    • RF & Wireless Design
    • Medical Design
    • Mechatronic Design
    • Green Power
Market Segments:
  • Data Communication
  • Consumer
  • Storage Networks
  • Computational
  • Wireless Communications
  • Automotive/Transportation
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Defense/Security/Aerospace
  • Programmable Logic
  • Universal Serial Bus
  • Communications design
  • Wireless Design