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Odin Engineering | Cypress Semiconductor



Address: 6926 10th Ave. N.
City: St. Petersburg
State: FL
Country: USA
Postal Code: 33710

Odin Engineering is an electronic engineering consulting company specializing in the design and analysis of wireless communication systems. Radio Frequency design is a passion here, including areas such as receivers, frequency synthesizers, transmitters, antennas, electromagnetic compatibility, and system design. Odin Engineering can also help with your analog and signal processing problems as well. Our successful designs range from receivers implanted in humans to transmitters orbiting in space. Over 20 years of experience ensure an efficient and effective solution to your design issues.

Experienced In:

    • Wireless System Design
    • Receivers
    • Transmitters
    • Frequency Synthesis
    • Analog Design
    • Signal Processing
    • Troubleshooting

Market Segments:

  • Wireless Communications


  • Analog Design
  • Digital Signal Processing