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PSoC® 3 based Billing Machine - From Malar Electronics | Cypress Semiconductor

PSoC® 3 based Billing Machine - From Malar Electronics

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Jul 11, 2012

Malar Electronics
Plot 12, 1st Street, Thangam Colony,
Anna nagar West,
Chennai – 600 040.
Tamilnadu, India

  • Based on Cypess’s PSoC® 3 platform
  • Simple and portable
  • Powered from AC mains or battery
  • Customized menu (upto 1000 items)
  • Smooth CapSense® buttons (uses Cypress’s SmartSense technology) for data entry
  • 2 inch Thermal Printer interface for print-outs of bills
  • 16x2 alphanumeric LCD Display
  • Serial Flash memory for data storage
  • Real Time Clock (RTC)
  • Buzzer
  • Communication interface with PC (USB / UART)
  • Maintains inventory information
  • Customized report generation
  • Solution can be customized based on end user requirements


Block Diagram

The billing machine based on PSoC 3 is designed to replace the manual billing system and positioned for entry level Point of Sale (PoS) segment.

The solution has a pre-loaded customized menu that a user can select using CapSense buttons based on Cypress’s SmartSense Technology. The solution uses 18 CapSense buttons.The user has the option to select an item from the menu and need to enter the weight for each item. The bill for all the items entered is generated and printed on a 2 inch Thermal Printer. The stepper motor in thermal printer interface is controlled to provide “noise free” and smooth print outs. The solution uses a 16x2 alpha numeric LCD display.

The solution has Buzzer, Real Time Clock (RTC) and Serial Flash. The unit can communicate with PC
through UART / USB interface. The customized report can be generated and maintains the inventory info.

PSoC 3 provides a flexible platform for various models of the solution.

Billing Machine (with enclosure)


Billing Machine (without enclosure)


  PSoC value  
  • Smooth and noise free control of Stepper motor in Thermal Printer
  • Reliable CapSense performance for user interface
  • Programmable platform for various models


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Anna nagar West,
Chennai 600 040

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