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IOW24-DG USB to I2C Dongle - From Code Mercenaries | Cypress Semiconductor

IOW24-DG USB to I2C Dongle - From Code Mercenaries

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Jan 05, 2012

Code Mercenaries GmbH.
Karl-Marx-Str. 147A
12529 Schoenefeld


• I2C-Master at 100 kHz
• Throughput up to 750 Byte/s
• 5 V and 3.3 V for external circuit available
• Internal 5 V pull up resistors can be switched off
• Clock stretching handshake and programmable timeout supported
• Uses standard system drivers
• Standard conforming USB plug size, no lost ports
• Single unit in blister pack, bulk packaging optional
• OEM versions possible
• Chip level product available



The IO-Warrior24 based dongle offers a simple and easy to use solution to connect I2C devices via a USB port. Connecting sensors, service interfaces, test and evaluation circuits and a lot more applications can be easily answered with the IOW24-DG I2C dongle.
In addition to clock, data and ground also 5 V and 3.3 V are available to power small external devices such as sensors.
The dongle ships with a four wire cable that can be soldered to the PCB as required for the specific application. OEM versions, including customized cabling, are possible.
The controller chip of the dongle is also available separately.






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The Cypress Encore chip used in the IOW24-DG allows to build this device with a minimal number of external components.

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