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Automated Meter Reading using PLC - From Maven Systems | Cypress Semiconductor

Automated Meter Reading using PLC - From Maven Systems

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May 28, 2012

Maven Systems Pvt. Ltd.
13 Jeevanchhaya Society,
L I C Colony,Paud Road,
Pune - 411 038
Maharashtra, India


• Automatically reads utility meters and transfers data to central server using PLC & GPRS.
• Meter reading nodes and data concentrators with PLC connectivity eliminating manual data reading.
• Use of existing electrical wires; Inexpensive installation and ease of maintenance
• No signal-loss due to obstacles, concrete walls or slabs. Better communication range (hundreds of meter) than typical wireless solution
• Battery back-up at every node to prevent data loss during power failure.
• Concentrator device with GSM / GPRS connectivity for communication with central internet server.
• Monitoring of consumption on hourly / daily / weekly basis.
• Generation of MIS reports, billing, trend analysis and usage profiling
• Ability to disconnect service from remote in case of emergencies or non-payments
• Efficient resource (Gas/Water/Energy) monitoring.



The Automated Meter Reading (AMR) solution uses Cypress’s PLC (Power Line Communication) technology for timely and reliable monitoring and acquisition of utilities meter readings at consumer premises from remote. The solution can be used for electricity, water and gas meters.

The solution uses the existing 230V / 110V AC power transmission wires thus requires no extra wiring. This eliminates the issue of concrete walls, slabs or other type of obstacles – a big hurdle for wireless solutions. The range increases to hundreds of meters with obstacles. The use of repeaters can increase the range to kilometers.

The concentrator module collects data from every meter reader (node) using PLC. It then transfers the data to central website over GPRS connectivity. The website in turn feeds the data to service provider’s billing servers thus creating a totally automated and reliable measurement and billing infrastructure.

Value added services include alerts for prepaid users, SMS facility to switch off gas supply, alerts on gas leak detection and automatic switching off gas supply, credit card payment facility, etc.

Meter reader product photo


Meter reader block diagram

Concentrator block diagram


  PSoC value  

• Robust performance – works under treacherous power line conditions
• Complete, easy-to-use reference design
• Programmable PLC – leverages PSoC’s unique architecture to integrate system functions
• CENELEC EN50065-1:2001 (Europe) & FCC Part 15 (North America)
• UL certified development boards

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    +91-20-2539 6775
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