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F2MC-8FX Starter Kit (ver. 3V) CY2146-401-01 Setup Guide | Cypress Semiconductor

F2MC-8FX Starter Kit (ver. 3V) CY2146-401-01 Setup Guide

Last Updated: 
Jul 04, 2018
This product is a starter kit for F2MC-8FX CY95FV100-101 (ver. 3V), which comes with CY2146-09 (F2MC Series BGM Adapter, referred to as "BGM Adapter"), CY2146-301 (F2MC-8FX Family MCU Board for CY95FV100-101, referred to as "MCU Board"), CY2146-401 (F2MC-8FX Family Evaluation Board, referred to as "Evaluation Board"), and F2MC-8L/8FX Family SOFTUNE Professional Pack. This manual explains how to use the Starter Kit. Be sure to read this manual before using the product. For mass production/evaluation MCUs for this product, consult our Sales or Support representatives
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