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Product Roadmaps | Cypress Semiconductor

All Product Roadmaps Now Available Online

The Q417 Cypress Product Roadmap update will be available soon!

The Product Roadmaps provide a complete overview of Cypress product features, performance and availability status (production, sampling, concept) in a portfolio format organized by product type.  Download the consolidated Cypress Roadmap or an individual Roadmap for a specific product type listed below.

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Recently released products:

New ARM Cortex-M0 EZ-BLE Modules

New PRoC BLE and PSoC BLE, Bluetooth Smart 4.2 Certified Devices sampling now

New ARM Cortex-M4 and Cortex-M0+ MCUs

New USB Type-C Solutions

New Automotive PMIC and Automotive LED Solutions

New FS-S Family of 1.8V High-Performance 64MB to 512MB QSPI NOR Flash



Product Roadmaps Related Files Language Size Updated
Cypress Modules Roadmap Download English 1.13 MB 11/21/2017
Cypress USB Controllers Roadmap Download English 979.75 KB 11/01/2017
Cypress Roadmap: Automotive TrueTouch, PSoC and USB Download English 1.21 MB 10/26/2017
Cypress Product Roadmap Download English 4.94 MB 10/12/2017
Cypress Flash Memory Roadmap Download Japanese 1.12 MB 09/07/2017
Cypress Flash Memory Roadmap Download English 1.18 MB 08/21/2017
Cypress Flash Memory Roadmap Download Chinese 1.09 MB 09/12/2017
Cypress Specialty Memory Roadmap Download English 618.76 KB 08/21/2017
Cypress Asynchronous SRAM Roadmap Download English 1.12 MB 08/21/2017
Cypress Automotive Roadmap Download English 2.37 MB 08/08/2017
Cypress Automotive Roadmap Download Japanese 1.06 MB 08/03/2016
Cypress Automotive Roadmap Download Chinese 952.92 KB 08/03/2016
Cypress Aerospace Memory Roadmap Download English 635.24 KB 08/08/2017
Cypress Military Memory Roadmap Download English 805.25 KB 08/08/2017
Cypress Long Term Flash Memory Portfolio Download English 3.68 MB 07/31/2017
Cypress Energy Harvesting PMIC Roadmap Download English 711.4 KB 07/30/2017
Cypress Automotive PMIC Roadmap Download English 685.93 KB 07/27/2017
Cypress Synchronous SRAM Roadmap Download English 1.13 MB 07/27/2017
Cypress Automotive Flash Memory Roadmap Download English 1.08 MB 08/21/2017
Cypress PSoC® and Microcontroller (MCU) Portfolio Roadmap Download English 1.53 MB 08/21/2017
Cypress Nonvolatile RAM Roadmap Download English 2.08 MB 07/10/2017