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We currently are supporting >99% on time shipments to our original schedule. This has been possible due to the following actions taken over the past few quarters:

  • Turnkey % increase
  • Dual sourcing
  • Building a learning organization


Turnkey: If a device can be assembled, tested and finished in a single location, we call it a turnkey capable device. We currently have >83% of our volume as turnkey. Doing this has helped us reduce our overall cycle time by cutting out the transit times involved.

Dual sourcing: A device needs to be qualified to run at least at two sites for every activity to be considered as dual sourced. We currently have >90% of our devices dual sourced. This has insured our supplies against any capacity issues at any one site.

Building a learning organization:The learning of the team over the years is now being locked down and documented. All new hires are needed to study and clear a certification program before getting hands-on for the job to ensure that, no manual error affects our customers.

We have also simplified our manufacturing process over the last two years. In 2010, we had 31 manufacturing locations and 211 shipping routes, we now have only 18 manufacturing sites and 48 shipping routes. This simplification allows for more predictable outputs and significantly shorter cycle times.

Cypress's in-house Assembly, Test, and Finish manufacturing is the most advanced and state of the art. Our in-house manufacturing is an automated and fully integrated line that we call the Autoline.

Autoline technology with integrated in-line assembly, test and finish

Our Autoline technology is fully integrated from die attach process to tape and reel process, allowing minimal operator intervention.

This system is equipped with an inline inspection system by process steps. It is fully controlled by an MES system that detects the location of strips while being processed and creates electronic strip maps of reject and good units within the strip. Typical cycle time is less than a day for the entire assembly, test, and tape reel processes.

Autoline technology is integrated with software driven, in-line module with 25 machines, 120 ft long connected to MES.

Best in class cycle time of autoline (< 2days) is key to supporting stable 4 weeks lead time. Autoline also supports expedites with very short lead time (1 week).

Key Features

  • Advanced automated inline inspection system
  • Automatic electronic strip map generation
  • Exceptional quality with minimal operator intervention
  • Best in class cycle time
  • World class manufacturing with low man-machine ratio

Autoline technology with integrated in-line assembly, test & finish

Cypress also manufactures using the best subcontractors.

Conventional assembly, test & finish

Conventional manufacturing involves assembly, test & finish on different non integrated resources.

Traditional conventional manufacturing involved shipping to up to 4 locations. Cycle time would be around 4-5 weeks resulting in greater than 6 weeks lead time. We have reduced this cycle time by doing assembly, test, and finish in the same locations which is called, turnkey. This has reduced the cycle time for assembly, test and finish to < 2 weeks and resulting in consistent lead times of 4 weeks.

CMI: CYPRESS Minnesota

64K SQ.FT, 200 mm, CLASS 1 0.35 to 0.09μm


240K SQ.FT, 200 mm, CLASS 10 0.35 to 0.09μm


300mm, 28 nm and 65 nm production processes


130 nm production process


180 nm production process


CML: Cypress Philippines

Opened in 1996

Packages – QFN, LF & BGA

ASE : Taiwan

Opened in 1984

Packages – BGA, QFN & LF

UTAC : Thailand

Opened in 1997

Packages – LF, QFN

AMKOR : Philippines

Opened in 1968

Packages – QFN, LF

JCET : China

Opened in 1972

Packages – LF, BGA

OSE : Taiwan

Opened in 1971

Packages – LF

KYEC: Taiwan

Opened in 1987

Packages – QFN, LF, CSP & BGA

CHIPMOS : Taiwan

Opened in 1997

Packages – LF & BGA

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