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CapSense® Controllers

Cypress is the world leader in Capacitive Sensing technologies. Our broad range of solutions provide robust noise immunity, enable quick time to market and system scalability and have replaced more than 3.5 Billion mechanical buttons over the past several years.The CapSense® portfolio ranges from simple buttons and sliders to more sophisticated solutions integrating other system components to reduce total BOM cost and form factor.

Salient features include:
  • Ultra low power with industry's widest voltage range.
  • Industry's leading Small form factor packaging such as WLCSP (2mm x 2mm)
  • Revolutionary, one of its kind SmartSense Auto-Tuning algorithm.
  • Industry's best solutions for advanced features such proximity and water tolerance.

CapSense® Express is easy to use and supports simple button or button / slider designs with up to 16 capacitive buttons or up to 5 capacitive buttons and 1 slider.

CY8CMBR2044, CY8CMBR2016, CY8C201xx, CY8CMBR2010, CY8CMBR2110, CapSense MBR3

CapSense® - supports up to 33 capacitive buttons and 6 sliders and features such as LED effects.

CY8C20x34, CY8C20xx6A, CY8C20xx7

CapSense®Plus our full featured offering handles up to 44 capacitive buttons and 8 sliders. Supporting LED effects, proximity detection, water rejection as well as further system level integration of various analog and digital blocks to reduce total BOM cost


CY8C21x34/BCY8C21x45CY8C22x45CY8C24x94CY8C20xx6ACY8C20xx6H, CY8C20xx7, CY8C20XX6A/S

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