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Projects not compiling after updating to production PSoC Creator 4.2 from an early access 4.2 version | Cypress Semiconductor

Projects not compiling after updating to production PSoC Creator 4.2 from an early access 4.2 version

Hey folks,

Several PSoC Creator 4.2 users have reported having issues with projects refusing to compile after updating to the production release of PSoC Creator 4.2 from the beta version.  We made a mistake in the Cypress Update Manager such that the required, updated version of PDL was not included.

Here are two workarounds:

1. Go to the PDL product page, scroll down to the Related Files section, and download the file "Download PDL 3.0.1 Complete Setup.exe". Run the installer to update your PDL.


2. Uninstall then reinstall PSoC Creator 4.2 using the setup from the PSoC Creator downloads page (that is, don't install from the Cypress Update Manager).

You will also have to do a Clean/Rebuild of your project to ensure the new PDL files are pulled in by Creator.

We apologize for the inconvenience. This issue will be resolved soon. Again, unless you were using the beta version of 4.2, this should not be an issue.



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I've tried workarounds 1. and 2.  No workee!

The BLE component being used still lists:

* \file cy_ble.c
* \version 2.0

I'm assuming that it still refers to PDL 2.  The BLE component in the TopDesign.cysch is listed as PDL 2.0.



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New Information:

I finally got "CE220567_BLE_Thermometer" to work under Creator 4.2 (release).


I previous got the workspace "CE220567_BLE_Thermometer" to build under Creator 4.2beta.

After updating from Creator 4.2beta to 4.2 (release) the "CE220567_BLE_Thermometer" workspace didn't compile due to an missing header file referenced in cy_ble.h

reported error:

Generated_Source\PSoC6\pdl\middleware/ble/cy_ble.h:25:27: fatal error: cy_ble_config.h: No such file or directory

I found the file in the Headers directory (...\config\cy_ble_config.h) but the compiler couldn't find it.  I found it in C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\PDL\3.0.1\middleware\ble and copied it to the project's Generated_Source\PSoC6\pdl\middleware\ble directory.

Rebuilt and it worked.  It appears this needed file was not loaded during the "Generate Application" build phase.



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