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Feb 12, 2018

5 Tech Gifts That Say “Be Mine”

This Valentine’s Day, think outside the box of chocolates and store-bought flowers and consider gifts that say “I love you” year-round. We put together a list of tech gadgets that are anything but predictable. From wearables to smart assistants, here are the top five tech gifts you should consider this Valentine’s Day.

1. The Oura Ring


Jewelry is a common Valentine’s Day gift, but we think a versatile ring that doubles as a stylish accessory and activity tracker makes an even better statement. Oura’s Smart Health ring is a sleek wearable that tracks sleep, recovery and daily activities. The ring is sure to make your honey’s heart skip a beat.

2. LEDvance Bluetooth Mesh Lighting Products


Whether you’re enjoying a homemade meal in the dining room or watching your favorite romantic comedy on the couch, no one wants to get up to dim the lights. Now you and your sweetheart will never have to with LEDVANCE’s Bluetooth Mesh lighting products. Just dim the lights with your smartphone and the mood is set - sounds like love at first “light.”

3. Apple AirPods


You’ve seen it in movies, TV shows and in real life – mixtapes are a sure sign that someone’s crushing on you. What’s the 2018 version of a mixtape? A Spotify playlist, of course. Take your mixtape to the next level by giving your loved one Apple AirPods to stream those ballads and let them know you’re into them.

4. Amazon Echo Show


Got a long distance crush? We’ve got you covered. With Amazon’s Echo Show, you both can stay connected with face to face video calls. Alexa will also keep their calendar up-to-date so they never miss date nights and anniversaries.

5. Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST

celebrates george coe GIF


Gifts are even better with a grand gesture. Channel your inner John Cusack by surprising your Valentine with the UE MEGABLAST smart speaker. This Alexa-enabled speaker makes picking out the perfect songs on Valentine’s Day a little easier. Do you hear that? Sounds like you’re falling in love.

We hope our gift guide helped you with those Valentine’s Day jitters and you’re now prepared with the best gift you’ve ever given. At Cypress, we love helping our customers solve problems and turn their ideas into reality. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Jan 26, 2018

Our Top 5 Takeaways from CES 2018!

The new year started off with a bang, and we’re not talking about the fireworks! We’re talking about the biggest consumer technology show in the world! This year, CES gave us an insider’s look at how AI, the IoT, connected cars and other next-gen technologies will shape our future. From robots that do your day-to-day chores to AI-powered smart speakers, the show was jam-packed with the latest in innovative tech.

To give you an idea of our favorites, we rounded up a list of the top five coolest, quirkiest and most innovative products at CES 2018.

1. The Smarter, Smart Speaker

smart speaker

(Image from Daniel Cooper, Engadget)

This year, CES proved that the next-gen of IoT is all about embedding devices with AI and automation capabilities. We saw AI technology implemented in everything from automobiles to smart home devices. Smart speakers with AI-powered voice-recognition technology was one of the most talked about products at the show, which isn’t too surprising given NPR and Edison Research’s recent study reporting that one in six U.S. adults already own a smart speaker.

At the heart of many of these voice-activated gadgets is Amazon Alexa. With a dedicated booth at the show, Amazon Alexa gave attendees a peak at its smart home ecosystem, including the Amazon Echo Show which features Cypress’ 802.11ac Wi-Fi combo chip. The influence of Amazon Alexa went far beyond its booth, however; Tiernan Ray at Barron’s wrote that you could’ve called CES 2018 the “Amazon Show.”

Headphone company Ashley Chloe introduced its stylish Ensembl smart speaker, which you can connect to voice assistant platforms and jazz up by adding a 360-degree IP camera for home security or a glowing lantern disc for outside use. Things didn’t stop there; LG teased its new ThinQ Speaker with built-in support for Google Assistant which enables the device to control other LG smart home products. It’s clear that these speakers are being positioned more and more as the gateway to controlling the rest of your smart home.

2. Connected Car Technology is Driving Forward

smart car

(Image from Sean O’Kane, The Verge)

The race to fully autonomous vehicles is in full swing so we knew CES would bring huge announcements from automakers. Toyota’s Concept-i touts an AI-dashboard where passengers can interact with a 2-D animated avatar that monitors the driver’s attention.

Mercedes’ Smart Vision EQ concept car forgoes a console, steering wheel and pedals to instead let drivers use a large dashboard to help them navigate the road, the radio and so much more. The Smart Vision EQ can even welcome you by name and wink at pedestrians – we’re wondering if that will be a popular feature.

For electric car fans, Byton’s concept car with 5G capabilities and autonomous driving has got you covered. We were impressed by the 40-inch curved LCD screen and dashboard that can be controlled by hand gestures from the driver and passengers.

3. Revealing Our Automotive Announcements

Auto makers weren’t the only ones to make waves in the connected car space. At CES we met with analysts, media and partners to demonstrate how Cypress is enabling the next generation of automobiles with not just one, but two new solutions. We showcased our TrueTouch CYAT817 touchscreen controller, designed to provide a seamless infotainment experience with ultra-fast response times. With hover and force touch features, our solutions are packed with the advanced features needed for the next-generation of infotainment systems.

Our other automotive announcement was the CW89359 Wi-Fi combo chipset, which integrates two complete Wi-Fi subsystems and a Bluetooth subsystem, enabling multiple users to connect and stream unique content to their devices simultaneously. This chipset is our highest-performing Wi-Fi device in our IoT portfolio, meeting automotive customers’ rigorous safety requirements. Our chipset is also the only solution on market that can simultaneously stream 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi signals at full throughput. As our CEO Hassane El-Khoury succinctly explained to The Street, "We own the automotive [combo chip] market...that's a fact.”

4. Smart Home’s Flaunted Their I.Q.

smart home

As a company focused on solving problems, we were especially keen on seeing smart home products that showcased how connected technologies are making our lives easier. Kohler introduced its smart bathroom range which features a voice-activated shower so users can set water temperature, change the lighting and even stream music. The company also showed off a smart mirror that allows you to use Amazon Alexa to adjust the lighting around the mirror.

Voice-activated security products were also a hit at the show. Somfy’s outdoor camera can send a "customized voice alert" whenever a person crosses within the camera's field of view, bringing to homes the same type of technology many people enjoy on their laptops and smartphones. The smart home device also comes with email alerts, two-way talk and night vision to keep you covered 24/7. We also fell in love with iPal, a humanoid robot designed to bring companionship and care for children and senior citizens. As devices get smarter with AI technology, we expect to see more people embracing gadgets that they can have real conversations with.    

5. The Oura Smart Ring Featuring PSoC 6

oura ring

Our PSoC 6® BLE microcontroller also made a splash at CES this year, powering Oura Health’s new Smart Ring. This ring tracks users’ sleep, recovery and daily activities so that the wearers can improve their overall health. Our ultra-low power, flexible solution extends the Oura ring’s battery life by up to seven days with just one charge, achieving three times the battery life of its predecessor. If you’re a fan of wearables and fitness tracking and have an eye for style, this sleek smart ring is the perfect accessory! You can pre-order Oura’s smart ring starting in April 2018.


That’s a wrap on CES 2018! Every year this show brings the latest technologies and innovations that you didn’t even know you needed – but absolutely must have! We’re proud to be a part of the embedded technology community that constantly strives to find ways to solve the next generation of design challenges. If you missed us at this show, be sure to check out our events calendar to see where we’ll be next!

Dec 20, 2017

We’re Celebrating 12 Days of Tech!

We kicked off the holidays finding Nice solutions to 12 Naughty technology problems.

What do Santa’s elves and Cypress’ problem solvers have in common? They know what will land you on the Naughty and Nice List. This year we made a list (and checked it twice), highlighting some of our favorite technologies. If you haven’t been following us on Twitter at @CypressSemi, here’s a recap of the 12 technologies that will get you on our Nice List:

  1. A smart irrigation system created with our PSoC Pioneer Kit so you don’t forget to water your plants when you travel for the holidays.
  2. A smart dog watcher developed using  our PSoC Analog Coprocessor Pioneer Kit to help keep an eye on your furry friends.
  3. Ikea’s smart lighting collection, TRADFRI, to conserve energy while you let your holiday lights twinkle.
  4. A smart feeder that works with Amazon Alexa to keep your pets happy and healthy.
  5. Nest’s smart thermostat to keep you warm while managing your home’s energy consumption.
  6. Fitbit’s Ionic wearable to keep you on track with your fitness goals so you can enjoy your holiday desserts  guilt-free.
  7. Kwikset’s smart Kevo lock so you don’t forget to lock your door before holiday shopping. 
  8. Nintendo’s Switch for an interactive gaming experience wherever you go.
  9. HidrateSpark’s smart water bottle to keep you hydrated all season long.
  10. Arlo’s smart home security camera to keep on eye on who’s kissing underneath the mistletoe.
  11. Anker’s PowerCore+ portable battery so your devices are always charged and you never miss a moment.
  12. A brand new Mercedes-Benz with Intelligent Drive technology that detects a range of dangers to keep you and your family safe as you head from one holiday party to the next.

We hope you enjoyed celebrating our 12 Days of Tech! This holiday season, problems may arise, but here at Cypress we aim to help solve your problems and get you back on the Nice List. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Holidays!

Oct 31, 2017

Pumpkins, PSoC & Ghost Detectors! It's Halloween at Cypress

There’s a spooky feeling in the air at our Langen, Germany office today as our Problem Solvers invited their loved ones to celebrate Halloween! It’s a tradition for Cypress employees to bring their kids to the office to learn more about their parents’ work and the people they spend their days with. In recent years, our Germany office has celebrated this tradition on Halloween, making it into a full day of fun activities, maker projects and sweet treats. Not only did our future Problem Solvers enjoy themselves, but it was also fun to have them running around the Cypress office throughout the day.

Waffle breakfast

In the morning, the team met for a festive breakfast, where parents and pumpkin CYkids cooked pumpkin Halloween waffles for everyone to enjoy before the day started. After breakfast, the party was split in two groups so that the children could enjoy fun, age-appropriate activities.

The youngest group oversaw the creation of the office’s Halloween decorations. These little ones decorated ornaments and candles with trees, ghosts and leaves to spook-ify the work environment. Pictured here is one of the decorations made by Cypress kids!

While decorations were being created, children over the age of nine joined our engineers for an “Intro to Soldering” course. Part of the class worked on a Velleman Halloween Pumpkin project, while the others worked on a PSoC® 4 ghost detector. The Velleman group learned how to solder 25 LED lights onto a pumpkin shaped board. When lit up, the lights flicker a bright yellow just like a jack-o’-lantern.  

CY Pumpkins

The second group of older children worked on a project that inconspicuously detected the office ghosts. And of course, it wouldn’t be a Cypress party without a little PSoC magic! Using our CY8CKIT-142 kits, the group created a ghost detector that had a motion detector, proximity sensor, lamp drivers, SD card slot and audio amplifier. Once the board was complete, they attached the board on to a Halloween pumpkin and waited for it to go off alerting them of any unwelcomed spooky guests.

The homemade printed circuit board (PCB) ghost detector used pre-programed PSoC 4 kits and through-hole technology (THT) that made it easy for the kids to solder together. Finished products were placed into pumpkins and the group headed off to lunch. The best part about our PSoC pumpkin ghost detector is that it’s an easy project for young Problem Solvers to work on and can be used for various types of projects throughout the year. During Halloween, our homemade PCB is a ghost detector, during the holiday season it can help track Santa, and near Saint Patrick’s Day it will help find those sneaky leprechauns.

cy halloween blog

A big thank you to Doreen Behrends, Nicole Taenzler, Martin Oberkönig, and Holger Wech for putting together a successful and fun event for all our friends and family in Langen!


Happy Halloween, Problem Solvers!

Oct 02, 2017

IoT Devices Are Dead on Arrival Without Good Wireless

Our new Wi-Fi® chip, CYW 43012, is here to provide you with the robust connectivity you’re looking for.

On September 20, 2017, we hosted our inaugural Tech Trek event, focusing on our role in the Internet of Things (IoT). The event showcased Cypress’ vision for the IoT and our latest Wi-Fi solution.

With a select group of media and analysts in attendance, along with some of our key IoT partners and customers, Cypress’ Sudhir Gopalswamy, Senior VP, MCU and Connectivity Division, kicked off the event with a forward-looking discussion on the IoT revolution that’s already impacting our daily lives.

The IoT era is and will continue to be fueled by the virtuous cycle of connectivity and intelligence. Connectivity is the key that unlocks the potential of the IoT, enabling devices to share intelligence with one another. Sudhir nicely captured this point, emphasizing that “Wi-Fi is the backbone of the IoT.” For this IoT era to succeed and become the norm, products must be optimized with robust, multi-protocol wireless that allows for devices to operate both autonomously and harmoniously when needed – which is where Cypress’ newest Wi-Fi solution came in. 

The peak of Tech Trek was our CYW43012 combo chip product announcement. Cypress’ Brian Bedrosian, Vice President of Marketing, IoT, treated attendees to a preview of our ultra-low power 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo chip which offers higher throughput and better power efficiency for IoT systems, ranging from wearables to smart home devices and more. Built on a 28nm processer, the CYW43012 cuts power consumption by up to 70 percent in receive mode and up to 80 percent in sleep mode, when compared to other solutions.

"The bottom line: Your favorite IoT devices require seamless connectivity and quickly consume battery life; the CYW43012 provides robust connectivity with a third of the power usage of current solutions."

Media and analysts were excited about the news and what it means for the future of the IoT. Dean Takahashi of VentureBeat wrote that “without good wireless, Internet of Things devices are dead on arrival.” Here at Cypress, we wholeheartedly agree. Cypress is truly “starting a revolution in what connectivity means for IoT devices,” something Bedrosian mentioned during his talk.

Attendees also had a chance to check out our WICED Studio Development Kit (SDK), which now has iCloud and HomeKit™ support, and our recently announced PSoC 6 MCU architecture, and had the opportunity to listen to an ultra-low-power audio demo enabled by the new CYW43012.


Ultra-low-power Audio Demonstration on Ultimate Ears’ BOOM 2 speaker

To get more information on our problem solving solutions, check out our conversation with EE Journal’s Amelia Dalton on her weekly Fish Fry podcast. Amelia and Brian Bedrosian discuss all things Cypress, IoT and Cypress’ new chip.

Until next time, tech trekkers!


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