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Smart Meter / Electric Meter | Cypress Semiconductor

Block Diagram

S6E1B8x of FM0+ family MCU integrates everything shown in light blue below. Click on the colored blocks to view or sample the recommended FM0+ components.

Smart Meter

Electric Meter

Design Considerations

Smart meter application consists of an electric meter measurement block and wired/wireless communication block for enabling bi-directional data monitoring between a residence and utility company. Electric meter system requires high precision analog to digital conversion (ADC), low power operation and robustness against data manipulation attack. Communication system is a brand new feature of smart meter application because of power supply and demand flow controllable application. The system requirement is multiple serial communication interface (UART/SPI/SDIO) to wired or wireless communication block, large on chip memory for storing proprietary data and security engine for protecting personal information against an attack from hacker.

Legacy electric meter application has the same requirement with smart meter except communication system. High precision and multiple ADC units are needed for phase current/voltage sensing analog front end.

S6E1B8 MCU can provide a one-chip solution that integrates electric meter system controller and interface to communication block. Because of the industrial leading lowest power Arm® Cortex®-M0+ 32bit CPU core and up to 512KB embedded flash and 64KB SRAM, the hardware and software designer can challenge an advanced metering system. Integrated AES crypt engine is an exceptional feature to enable secure communication for the smart meter application.

Development Kits/Boards
  1. Customer Starter Kit (SK-FM0-100L-S6E1B8):
    Provides a development platform for S6E1B8 series

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Design Guides


  • Flash Programmer

    The FLASH MCU Programmer is an application software for Cypress MCU which is able to program MCU on chip flash memory via PC. A programmed code can be read from MCU on chip memory to PC as well.

  • Pin and Code Wizard

    The "Pin and Code Wizard" is the tool helps to set the IO ports for Cypress 32-bit Arm Cortex microcontroller, and it has the following features. After activating the peripherals and GPIOs, which are used, the tool assigns the peripherals to the corresponding pins automatically. Customize easily the result of Pin assignment by graphical user interface. The tool outputs the source code according to the Setting of IO port for peripheral library function calls.

  • Sample Program (Peripheral Driver Library)

    The Sample Programs are available for quick MCU functionality verification and prototyping work. The Peripheral Driver Library (PDL) avoids you from writing MCU peripheral driver software from the scratch. It is also useful as a reference code when your code does not work correctly with some reason.