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Native HDMI over Type-C Alternate Mode | Cypress Semiconductor


HDMI® over USB-C™

HDMI is available today over USB-C, but it is costly
Current solutions require DisplayPort™ Alternate Mode, a DP to HDMI converter and VBUS DC/DC converters

HDMI over USB-C Alternate Mode is a simpler, cost-effective solution
Native HDMI from new HDMI enabled sources, over USB-C pins
Full HDMI 1.4b functionality without DP to HDMI converters or DC/DC converters

HDMI Alternate Mode is easy to use, and HDMI is a worldwide standard
Spec released by HDMI SIG on Sept, 2016
Combines the most popular connectivity solutions, USB-C and HDMI, together
Enables a simple USB-C to HDMI cable with no adapters or converters

Cypress Enables the Industry's First Native HDMI over USB-C Solution

Based on Cypress EZ-PD™ controllers, next-generation laptops, smartphones, tablets, digital cameras and other HDMI sources with USB-C connectors can connect directly to HDMI sinks, such as HD and 4K monitors, TVs and projectors, using only a simple USB-C to HDMI cable. The EZ-PD controllers support the new native HDMI Alternate Mode for USB Type-C, along with USB Type-C standard support for audio, video and data protocols, as well as USB Power Delivery (PD) for fast charging.

All HD and 4K televisions include HDMI connections, but connecting source devices previously required adapters or converters that did not enable all native HDMI features. With the Cypress HDMI alternate mode solution, manufacturers can now utilize native HDMI features via USB Type-C connectors.

For More information on Cypress's EZ-PD CCGx solutions, please visit For more information on EZ-PD CCG3, please visit the CCG3 product page.

Block Diagram

Cypress's EZ-PD™ CCGx USB-C controllers provide a complete solution to enable the new native HDMI Alternate Mode.

New HDMI Source

New USB-C to HDMI Cable 

Existing HDMI Sink

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Design Considerations

Cypress's CCG2, 3, 4 solutions can be used for HDMI sources, and CCG3 is ideal for USB-C to HDMI cables:

- Enabling native HDMI over USB-C, with no protocol conversion

- Integrating ARM® Cortex®-M0 with dual 64KB flash blocks for fail-safe firmware updates, Crypto Engine supporting USB Authentication and USB Billboard Controller for Alternate Modes

- Shipping with USB-IF compliant, factory-programmed firmware

- Including a full-featured EZ-PD Software Development Kit to keep up with the latest USB IF standards

Development Kits/Boards

  • The CY4500 EZ-PD™ Protocol Analyzer passively records traffic on the CC line and allows users to analyze and debug USB Power Delivery communication.

  • The EZ-PD™ CY4521 CCG2 Evaluation Kit (EVK) is based on the CCG2 product family (CYPD2xxx) of Cypress's USB Type-C controller with Power Delivery.

  • The CY4531 EZ-PD™ CCG3 Evaluation Kit enables users to evaluate the CCG3 product family for USB Type-C systems for Downstream Facing Port (DFP) and Dual Role Port (DRP) applications.

  • CY4541 EZ-PD™ CCG4 Evaluation Kit enables designers to exercise the functionality of CCG4 controllers for a Two-Port USB Type-C based Host System.

Software And Drivers

EZ-PD Software Development Kit

Cypress provides the EZ-PD CCGx Software Development Kit (SDK) which facilitates the development of a variety of solutions using the various CCG controllers, such as CCG2, CCG3 and CCG4. The SDK includes a USB Type-C and USB-PD specification compliant firmware stack, reference firmware applications and documentation.