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Blood Glucose Meter | Cypress

Block Diagram

PSoC programmable analog & digital resources integrate everything shown in light blue below. Click on the colored blocks to view or sample the recommended PSoC Components.


The flexibility of PSoC allows you to customize each colored block, or PSoC Component, to meet your design requirements through the easy-to-use PSoC Creator Software IDE.  These Components are available as pre-built, pre-characterized IP elements in PSoC Creator.

Design Considerations

Blood glucose meters measure the amount of glucose in blood of diabetics allowing for the administration of the proper dose of insulin to maintain balance. Glucose meters require a precision analog front end to interface to the optical or bio-sensor based glucose sensor. The sensor detects the optical properties of the chemical strip as it reacts with a blood sample. The analog front end includes up to four channels of trans impedance amplifiers with a gain stage, a precision ADC, and a very accurate voltage reference. Multiple precision DACs are also required to properly bias the sensor. Other design requirements include LCD drive, Real time Clock (RTC), very low power consumption and user interface. Consistent performance across temperature (0-50C) is also essential to ensure accurate diagnosis of unsafe blood glucose levels.

PSoC 3 & PSoC 5 enables a scalable one chip glucose meter solution that flexibly integrates all the basic and advance requirements of a glucose meter. Furthermore, the programmable analog front end enabled in PSoC 3 & PSoC 5 provides a more flexible solution for interfacing to the glucose sensor. This enables a more scalable platform that can be utilized across multiple glucose meter designs and strip technologies. Finally, PSoC 3 & PSoC 5 can enable more advanced features for innovating Glucose Meters including USB, Graphics Display, and CapSense buttons.

Application Notes

Development Kits/Boards

Technical Articles


  • The Blood Glucose Meter board has been designed to facilitate demonstrations which show PSoC3’s flexibility and analog capabilities in such Portable Handheld devices. The demo shown measures current over a range of 0 - 100 µA. The design allows for self calibration itself using an internal IDAC and provides sampling rates in excess of 10,000 sps with 3nA resolution.


    This video showcases the analog front end integration of PSoC 3 & PSoC 5 that enables a single chip, integrated Blood Glucose Meter solution.  This demonstration shows using PSoC 3 precision analog to perform current measurements over a range of 0 to 100 µA with 3 nA resolution.


Software and Drivers

  • PSoC Creator

    PSoC Creator is a state-of-the-art software development IDE combined with a revolutionary graphical design editor to form a uniquely powerful hardware/software co-design environment.

  • PSoC Designer

    PSoC Designer is the revolutionary Integrated Design Environment (IDE) that you can use to customize PSoC to meet your specific application requirements. PSoC Designer software accelerates system bring-up and time-to-market.