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About Programmable Systems Division | Cypress Semiconductor


Cypress PSD delivers high-performance, programmable solutions at the heart of today's most advanced embedded systems. The programmable product portfolio includes high-performance Traveo™ automotive microcontrollers, the industry'' only PSoC® programmable system-on-chip solutions, ARM® Cortex®-M4, M3, M0+ microcontrollers and R4 CPUs, analog PMIC Power Management ICs, CapSense® capacitive touch-sensing controllers, TrueTouch® fingerprint readers, TrueTouch touchscreen controllers and wireless BLE Bluetooth® Low-Energy devices. Cypress is committed to delivering best-in-class support, exceptional technical documentation and flexible, low-cost development kits for embedded system developers.

The following table summarizes the markets and applications related to our products in this segment:


Products Markets Applications
PSoC® 1, PSoC® 3 and PSoC® 5 Consumer, handsets, industrial, medical, communications, automotive Digital still and video cameras, appliances, handheld devices, notebook computers, LCD monitors, medical devices, mice, keyboards, industrial, toys, mobile accessories and e-Bikes.
TrueTouch™ Consumer, computation, handsets, communication, gaming, automotive Mobile handsets, tablets, portable media players, cameras, autos, video games, GPS systems, keyboards and other applications.
CapSense Consumer, industrial, computation, white goods, communication, automotive Notebook computers and PCs, appliances, handheld devices, automotive control pads/media centers, digital cameras, toys, consumer products and many other applications.
Programmable logic devices Storage, military Storage and military
PowerPSoC® Controllers Industrial, lighting LEDs, motors and other power applications.
Physical layer Devices Data communications, consumer Converters, professional video cameras, production switchers and video routers and servers, encoders and decoders.


PSoC® Programmable System-on-Chip products. Our PSoC® products are highly integrated, high-performance mixed-signal devices with an on-board microcontroller, programmable digital and analog blocks, SRAM and flash memory. They provide a low-cost, single-chip solution for a variety of consumer, industrial, medical, and system management applications. A single PSoC® device can potentially integrate as many as 100 peripheral functions saving customers design time, board space, power consumption, and system costs. Because of its programmability, PSoC® allows customers to make modifications at any point during the design cycle, providing unmatched flexibility.

Cypress's PSoC® 1 device delivers performance, programmability and flexibility with a cost-optimized 8-bit M8 CPU subsystem. PSoC® 3 uses an 8-bit, Intel 8051-based microcontroller with 7.5 times more computing power than PSoC® 1. The 32-bit, ARM®-Cortex™-based PSoC® 5 has 25 times more computing power than PSoC® 1. The analog-to-digital converters on PSoC® 3 and PSoC® 5 are 256 times more accurate and 10 to 30 times faster than PSoC® 1, and there are 10 times more programmable logic gates available. PSoC® Creator™ is a unique design tool that allows engineers to use intuitive schematic-based capture and dozens of certified, firmware-defined, pre-packaged peripherals. In 2011, Cypress introduced PSoC® Creator™ 2.0, which offers compatibility with popular third-party compilers. It also announced multiple design wins with new customers. Cypress shipped its 1 billionth PSoC® device in 2011, and its online community for developers of PSoC® and other products ( featuring technical forums, blogs and videos grew to over 45,000 registered users.

TrueTouch™ Touchscreen Solutions . TrueTouch is a single-chip touchscreen solution that can interpret the inputs of more than 10 fingers from all areas of the screen simultaneously. This enables designers to create new usage models for products such as mobile handsets, tablets, digital camers, portable media players ("PMPs"), GPS and other products. The TrueTouch family also includes devices that perform traditional touchscreen functions including interpreting single touches, and gestures such as tap, double-tap, pan, pinch, scroll, and rotate. In 2011, Cypress introduced the Gen4 family of TrueTouch controllers, which delivers the industry's best noise performance, fastest refresh rate, lowest power and highest accuracy along with a host of exclusive features. We also announced new, low-cost single-layer sensor technologies that enable manufacturers to replace resistive screens with capacitive screens. The company is shipping products from the TrueTouch family into many of the world's leading cell phone Original Equipment Manufacturers ("OEM").

CapSense . Our PSoC®-based CapSense capacitive touch-sensing solutions replace mechanical switches and controls with simple, touch-sensitive controls by detecting the presence or absence of a conductive object (such as a finger) and measuring changes in capacitance. This technology lends itself equally well to buttons, sliders, touchpads, touchscreens and proximity sensors, taking industrial design possibilities to a much higher level. The CapSense family includes CapSense®, CapSense® Express™ and CapSense® Plus™each supporting different ranges of general purpose inputs/outputs, buttons and slider devices. Cypress's CapSense devices feature SmartSense™ technology, an automatic tuning solution for its CapSense devices that dynamically detects and adjusts a system's capacitive-sensing parameters, eliminating the need for manual tuning. Cypress has replaced more than 3.5 billion buttons with CapSense technology and is the worldwide capacitive sensing market share leader in handsets. The company announced new CapSense Express products in 2011, along with a new set of design guides that simplifies the engineering process for customers.

PowerPSoC®. Cypress's PowerPSoC® family of embedded power controllers is the industry's first fully integrated single-chip solution for both controlling and driving high-power LEDs and other power applications such as small motors. The PowerPSoC family integrates four constant-current regulators and four 32V MOSFETs with our PSoC® programmable system-on-chip, which includes a microcontroller, programmable analog and digital blocks and memory. This uniquely high level of integration provides customers with a single-chip solution for high-quality LED-based lighting products and extends into other embedded applications such as white goods and industrial control.

Powerline Communications Solutions. In 2010, Cypress introduced a PSoC®-based programmable Powerline Communication ("PLC") solution that enables the reliable transmission of command and control data over high-and low-voltage power lines. The hardware platform combines a modem, network protocol and application code with PSoC®'s programmable analog and digital circuitry, providing an integrated solution that speeds time-to-market. Key applications include smart metering, LED lighting, energy management and solar markets. Cypress's PLC solution was named a 2010 Editor's Choice award recipient by Industrial Embedded Systems Magazine

Programmable Logic Devices. System logic performs non-memory functions such as floating-point mathematics or the organization and routing of signals throughout a computer system. We manufacture several types of programmable logic devices that facilitate the replacement of multiple standard logic devices with a single programmable device, increasing flexibility and reducing time to market. Our wide range of programmable logic devices includes products ranging from 32 to more than 3,000 macrocells.

Trackpad Solutions. Cypress has applied its capacitive sensing expertise to the trackpad market for laptop computers. Trackpads offer cursor control and other functions, and Cypress's solution has been adopted by multiple PC manufacturers.

Ovation™ Optical Navigation Sensors (ONS). Our OvationONS™ laser-based optical navigation sensor replaces mechanical trackball types of user interfaces in smartphones, tablet PCs, remote controls, e-book readers, wired and wireless mice and industrial applications. The sensor delivers fast and precise tracking on more surfaces than other sensors on the market, using our patented OptiCheck™ technology, which offers outstanding accuracy and variable resolution ranging from 800 to 2,400 counts per inch. Based on Cypress's PSoC® programmable system-on-chip platform, the OvationONS™ II 'mouse-on-a-chip' solution is the first product combining a precision laser navigation sensor with an optical signal processor and microcontroller on a single chip.

Physical Layer Devices. Our portfolio includes HOTLink, HOTLinkDX and HOTLinkII. These transceiver families cover data transmission rates of 50 Mbps up to 1.5 Gbps. These flexible devices are ideal for proprietary serial backplane applications. They also comply with many industry standards such as 10 Gbps Ethernet, gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel, Enterprise System Connection, Digital Video Broadcast, and high-definition television. In addition, we supply a chipset for the transmission of digital video signals. This chipset is based on our HOTLink family and is widely used in professional digital video equipment such as editing, routing, recording and storage.