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About the Data Communications Division | Cypress Semiconductor


Cypress DCD delivers flexible connectivity solutions that form the nervous system within the most-advanced embedded systems. Cypress has been making USB Universal® since 1996 by continuously delivering a broad portfolio of differentiated USB products that enable companies to add the most up-to-date USB standard to their products. Today Cypress is enabling the world to migrate to SuperSpeed USB 3.0 with the flexible EZ-USB® FX3™ peripheral controller and SuperSpeed USB 3.0 hubs. Cypress is leading the industry with the world's first programmable USB Type-C and USB Power Delivery solutions, including the EZ-PD™ CCG1 Type-C port controller and CCG2 Type-C cable controllers. Additionally, Cypress's PRoC™ BLE Bluetooth® Low-Energy wireless devices are enabling PC peripherals and smart remote control OEMs to upgrade to BLE.

The following table summarizes the markets and applications related to our products in this segment:


Products Markets Applications
Peripheral bridge controllers Consumer, mobile handsets Cellular phones, portable media players, personal digital assistants, digital cameras and printers.
USB controllers PC peripherals, consumer electronics Printers, cameras, industrial equipment, mice, keyboards, handheld devices, gamepads and joysticks, VoIP phones, headsets, presenter tools, dongles, point of sale devices and bar code scanners.
WirelessUSB PC peripherals Mice, keyboards, wireless headsets, consumer electronics, gamepads, remote controllers, toys and presenter tools.


West Bridge ® Peripheral Bridge Controllers. Our West Bridge products enable direct connection between peripherals, creating ultra-fast transfers while offloading the main processor from data-intensive operations. The West Bridge family complements the main processor by adding support for next generation and latest standards and allowing simultaneous transfers between peripherals and processing elements. The inaugural product in the West Bridge family is Antioch. Antioch is a three-ported device designed specifically for handsets to provide a direct path from PC to handset mass storage, freeing baseband/applications processor resources by limiting its involvement in these high-density transfers. Additionally, Antioch creates simultaneous usage models by adding dedicated paths between the three ports to literally create multiple usage models such as using the handset as a modem, while downloading multimedia files, and playing music. The most recent addition to the West Bridge family is Astoria which features Multi-Level Cell (MLC) NAND Flash support that enables designers to use lowest-cost, highest-density flash storage. In 2009, Cypress also introduced Turbo-MTP™, a faster media transfer protocol module for West Bridge controllers. Users can transfer a movie from a PC to their handheld device in less than 45 seconds—four times faster than the next-best alternative.

USB Controllers. Cypress is the market leader in USB with more than one billion devices shipped. USB provides the primary connection between a PC and peripherals, including keyboards, mice, printers, joysticks, scanners and modems. It is also used to connect various non-PC systems, such as handheld games, digital still cameras and MP3 players. The USB standard facilitates a "plug-and-play" architecture that enables instant recognition and interoperability when a USB-compatible peripheral is connected to a system. We offer a full range of USB solutions, including low-speed (1.5 Mbps), full-speed (12 Mbps), high-speed (480 Mbps) and now "Super Speed" (5 Gbps) USB products. We also offer a variety of USB hubs, transceivers, serial interface engines and embedded-host products for a broad range of applications.

WirelessUSB™. Designed for short-range wireless connectivity, WirelessUSB enables personal computer peripherals, gaming controllers, remote controls, toys, and other point-to-point or multipoint-to-point applications to "cut the cord" with a low-cost, 2.4-GHz wireless solution. The WirelessUSB system acts as a USB human interface device, so the connectivity is transparent to the designer at the operating system level. WirelessUSB also operates as a simple, cost-effective wireless link in a host of other applications including industrial, consumer, and medical markets. Cypress introduced WirelessUSB NL in 2011, which offers very low power consumption for high-volume markets.