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PSoC 4 CY8CKIT-049 4xxx Prototyping Kits

Last Updated: 10/01/2014


The CY8CKIT-049 Prototyping Kits are low cost prototyping platforms for customers wishing to test and develop applications using the PSoC® 4 device family. Currently two boards have been developed to support the following two PSoC 4 device families:

Kit Name Price Buy Now
PSoC® 4100 Prototyping Kit (CY8CKIT-049-41xx) $4.00 Buy Now
PSoC® 4200 Prototyping Kit (CY8CKIT-049-42xx) $4.00 Buy Now

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The prototyping kits support PC connectivity through the Cypress USB-Serial controller. The devices can be programmed using the USB-Serial controller and the Bootloader Software Host tool. For more information please see the kit user guide attached for steps and examples.

The CY8CKIT-049 is designed to be programmed using the onboard device bootloader through the Cypress USB-Serial device. For information on how to bootload the device please see the kit user guide.

Low Cost Alternative to Samples

The CY8CKIT-049 Prototyping Kits serve as a low cost alternative to customers looking to sample PSoC 4 devices. The kit provides an open platform and complete access to all of the PSoC 4 device I/O, including default features such as LEDs and a push button. The kit will serve users who are looking to rapidly integrate, develop, and test the PSoC 4 device family with their end design or project.

Supports PSoC 4 Families

The CY8CKIT-049 Prototyping kits support both the ARM® 32-bit Cortex-M0™ CY8C41xx and CY8C42xx device families. The PSoC 4 devices are the most reconfigurable ARM based processor providing programmable analog and digital blocks with flexible routing and interconnects. The CY8CKIT-049 Prototyping kits are also CapSense enabled as both the CMOD and CTANK capacitors necessary for CapSense and CapSense Proximity designs are loaded by default. As always the PSoC 4 device family and the CY8CKIT-049 are supported through the completely free development platform PSoC Creator.

Supports USB-Serial Controllers

The CY8CKIT-049 provides customers with a USB PC connection using the Cypress USB-Serial device family (CY7C6521x). The device used on the CY8CKIT-049 is the CY7C65211 configurable USB bridge controller. This USB-Serial device supports USB-UART, USB-GPIO, USB-I2C, and USB-SPI configurations. The device family also supports CapSense button control and USB-IF Battery Charging applications. The CY7C65211 device on the CY8CKIT-049 Prototyping kit is by default a USB-UART serial bridge. The USB-Serial device provides USB-UART communication through a COM port and UART bootloading using the Bootloader Host tool included in PSoC Creator. The CY7C65211 is designed to support the PSoC 4 and to be a development platform for USB-Serial users. The USB-Serial portion of the kit can be removed from the PSoC 4 main board by ‘snapping’ the two boards apart along the perforated edge. The USB-Serial board supports open GPIO and serial communication headers for USB-Serial development.

Kit Contents:

  • CY8CKIT-049 4xxx Prototyping Kit
  • Quick Start Guide

Refer to the KB article "Using the CY8CKIT-049 to Program Another PSoC 4" for a method to use CY8CKIT-049 as a low cost programmer.

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Software Title Description Link
PSoC Creator This kit requires PSoC Creator for development Download
USB-Serial Software Development Kit This kit requires USB-Serial Software Development Kit Download


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