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EZ-USB FX3 Software Development Kit

Last Updated: 01/23/2014

Cypress delivers the complete software and firmware stack for FX3, in order to easily integrate SuperSpeed USB into any embedded application. The Software Development Kit (SDK) comes with tools, drivers and application examples, which help accelerate application development.

The current version of the SDK supports additional parts in the FX3 device family, namely FX3S and CX3. The FX3S devices add SD/MMC peripheral access support to the FX3 device. The CX3 devices provide a MIPI CSI interface that can connect directly to image sensors.

The SDK installation package as well as zip/tar archives of individual components are available below for download. Given below is a brief description of these downloadable items to help you select the right file(s) to download.

  1. EZ-USB FX3 SDK Installer - This is the master installer file that will install the firmware library with samples, USB Suite with Windows host driver and applications, Eclipse IDE & GCC tool chain. Once installed using the installer, Cypress Update Manager will enable users to look for updated versions of these software modules and facilitate upgrades.
  2. Firmware Library Zip - A zip archive that contains the FX3/FX3S/CX3 firmware libraries, driver sources for serial peripheral modules, header files, example code, firmware conversion utility and documentation. The following firmware source samples are also part of the library zip file.
    • USB Bulk data loopback and source/sink
    • USB Isochronous loopback and source/sink
    • DMA examples: Interleaved and multicast data
    • Serial Interface Loopback: UART, SPI, I2C and I2S
    • Slave FIFO: Synchronous and Asynchronous
    • USB Video Class: Isochronous and Bulk
    • USB Mass Storage Bulk-Only transport
    • USB Audio Class: Input (microphone) device
    • Mass Storage Class example for FX3S devices
    • UVC examples with Aptina and Omnivision sensors for CX3 devices
  3. USB Suite Zip - A zip archive containing windows host driver, C++ & C# API libraries, and the control center, bulkloop and streamer applications for 32 bit platforms (Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7) and 64 bit platforms (Windows Vista and Windows 7)
  4. FX3 SDK for Linux platforms - A tar archive containing the FX3 firmware libraries and examples, the ARM GNU toolchain, Eclipse IDEs (x64 and x86 versions) and the CyUSB suite for Linux platforms
  5. USB Suite for MacOS - A libusb based wrapper library for Mac OS, to facilitate USB host application development.
  6. Documentation
    • FX3 Programmer's Manual
    • FX3 API guide
    • FX3 Release Notes
    • Trouble shooting guide

Note: The EZ USB Suite (Eclipse) IDE has a dependency on the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). As the JRE is no longer packaged with the FX3 SDK, it needs to be downloaded and installed separately. Please get the current version of Java from if it is not already installed on the system.


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