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CY8CKIT-036 PSoC® Thermal Management Expansion Board Kit

Last Updated: 12/13/2013

The Thermal Management Expansion Board Kit (EBK) supports:

  • Fan control of up to four 4-wire fans (both firmware or hardware based)
  • Temperature sensing of a combination of six different analog and digital sensors
  • EEPROM based data logging capabilities
  • I2C/SMbus/PMbus host interface
  • Thermal zone management: the relationship between temperatures and fan speeds
  • Algorithms to detect thermal and cooling failures or warnings

Cypress’s PSoC Thermal Management solution provides you with the flexibility to directly control the greatest number of fans and interface to the largest set of digital or analog temperature sensors while at the same time enabling you to offload thermal management tasks typically performed in the host application processor. With this easy-to-use flexibility, you make the call regarding how much or how little you want controlled by the PSoC solution given your specific application.


The PSoC Thermal Management Expansion Board Kit enables you to evaluate System Thermal Management functions and capabilities of the PSoC architecture. It is part of the PSoC development kit ecosystem and requires a host development board in order to use it. It is designed to work with the CY8CKIT-001 PSoC Development Kit (sold separately) or the CY8CKIT-030 PSoC 3 Development Kit (sold separately). You can evaluate the example projects described in this guide or design and customize your own System Thermal Management solution using components in Cypress's PSoC Creator software (included) or by altering example projects provided with this kit.


CY8CKIT-036 connected to the CY8CKIT-030 Fan Controller Component in PSoC Creator

With the flexibility of the PSoC architecture, you can easily create your own custom Thermal Management solution on chip with the exact functionality you need, in the way you want it – no more, no less.

Kit Contents:

  • PSoC® Thermal Management Expansion Board
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Power DC Adaptor 12V/2A
  • System CD containing:
    • User’s Guide
    • PSoC Creator and pre-requisite software
    • PSoC Programmer and pre-requisite software
    • Example Projects: (for both CY8CKIT-001 and CY8CKIT-030)
      • Firmware based (open loop) Fan Control
      • Hardware based (closed loop) Fan Control
      • Thermal Management System
    • Application Notes and Key Component Datasheets

For PSoC training, please visit
This kit can also be purchased from Terasic

Software Title Description Link
PSoC Creator This kit requires PSoC Designer for development
PSoC Programmer This kit requires PSoC Programmer for programming


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