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Segment LCD Driver User Module

Last Updated: 04/23/2012


The “Segment LCD Driver” user module allows a designer to fully implement a LCD display solution in PSoC1 devices without using any external components. The user module comes with a GUI wizard using which the designer can create/modify:

  1. LCD Specifications: Set the number of common and segment lines, set numeric and alphanumeric displays or add or remove digits from the display.
  2. Segment-Common Mapping Table: Map segments and symbols to commons according to the LCD specification.
  3. Pin Assignment: Assign the bias pin, common and segment lines to PSoC pins and set group size for displays.

The Segment LCD Driver

The PSoC Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) driver system is a highly configurable peripheral designed to allow PSoC to directly drive a broad range of LCD glass. All voltages are generated on chip, eliminating the need for external components. Any PSoC 1 device with an analog MUX bus structure is enabled with utilization of this user module namely, the CY8C20x34, CY8C20xx6, CY8C21x23, CY8C21x34, CY8C21345, CY8C22x45, CY8C23x33, CY8C24x23, CY8C24x94, CY8C27x43, CY8C28xxx, CY8C29x66 families.LCD Driver features:

  • Direct drive 2.8V or 5V multiplexed LCD with ½ bias supported
  • Types of display structures within the glass supported
    • 7 segment numerals
    • 14 segment alphanumeric
    • 16 segment alphanumeric
    • Special symbols
  • 2, 3, and 4 common LCD drive
  • LCD Drive technique using analog MUX bus
  • Option of ½ bias to be generated externally or internally
  • Supports Type A waveform only
  • 30-150 Hz refresh rate
  • Contrast Control

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  6. Devices Supported:
    1. CY8C20x34
    2. CY8C20xx6
    3. CY8C21x23
    4. CY8C21x34
    5. CY8C22x45
    6. CY8C21345
    7. CY8C23x33
    8. CY8C24x23
    9. CY8C24x94
    10. CY8C27x43
    11. CY8C28xxx
    12. CY8C29x66


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