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PSoC Designer 5.4 CP1

Last Updated: 07/31/2014

New Features

PSoC Designer 5.4 contains a host of upgrades to make the software easier to learn and easier to use. New features include:

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Auto-Complete: As you type, the PSoC Designer code editor provides logical code elements that you can select from a dropdown menu. These elements include variables, user-defined functions, user module APIs and reserved words. With this new feature, you’ll spend less time typing and fixing typos.

Example Project Browser: This new tool allows you to find the example code you need in the ever-expanding set of example projects. You can filter on project type, keyword, user module or the development kit used.

User Module Customization Guide: PSoC Designer now supports customer-designed user modules, including both the generated firmware and any front-end GUI. This guide walks you through all the steps needed to create your own user module.

Windows 8 Support: PSoC Designer now officially supports Windows 8!

New User Modules

SmartSense2X: Eliminates the need for tuning in your dual-channel CapSense solutions. Now available for CY8C28xxx devices.

SmartSense2X_EMC: Dual-channel SmartSense plus high immunity to AC mains noise, other EMI, and power supply noise. For the CY8C22x45 and CY8C28xxx device families.

ScanSAR: SAR ADC that automatically scans a user-defined set of input pins with a selectable conversion trigger.

IDAC, CMP, PWM8SW: Programmable current source, analog comparator and software PWM for the new CY8C24x93 family.

Installation Notes

PSoC Designer 5.4 will co-exist with your previous versions of PSoC Designer. You do not need to uninstall those previous versions, and this new version will not impact the existing ones in any way

If you need help downloading or installing, please call our support line at 1-800-541-4736 and select 8 at the voice prompt.

ImageCraft Pro Users

Last year, a new version of the ImageCraft Pro compiler was released. If you have not already done so, you must update your compiler to use it with PSoC Designer 5.4. Please download the latest version of the Pro compiler here:

PSoC Designer Frequently Asked Questions

For answers to other frequently asked questions, please click here.

PSoC Designer Archives

Looking for an old release of PSoC Designer? Please click here for major Designer releases over the past few years.


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