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SMPTE Automatic Rate Detection 270, 360, 540, 1483.5,

Last Updated: 10/10/2013

The automatic rate detection core allows designers to meet the multi-format requirement for SMPTE specifications. SMPTE specifies SDI rates of 270, 360, 540, 1483.5, and 1485 Mb/s. The automatic rate detection core gives applications the ability to differentiate between the various rates and hence support multiple formats. Therefore, with autorate detect designers do not need to worry about whether an HD or SD input is being inserted into the application. The required parts for automatic rate detection are the HOTLink II™ SERDES, the HOTLink II Receiver Training Clock, a crystal, and an FPGA.

Included in this IP core is necessary information regarding inputs and outputs, the FPGA VHDL code, and explanation pertaining to such code.


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