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FM25H20: 2-Mbit (256 K × 8) Serial (SPI) F-RAM (PDF, 1.25 MB)
Datasheet updated: 08/19/2014


Product Obsolescence Date 12/29/2014
Order Close Date 03/29/2015
Last Time Ship Date 09/30/2015
Closest Alternative FM25V20A-DGTR (Drop-in Replacement)
Development Kit No
Automotive Qualified N
Min. Operating Voltage (V) 2.70
Max. Operating Voltage (V) 3.60
Min. Operating Temp. (°C) -40
Max. Operating Temp. (°C) 85
Interface SPI
Max. Operating VCCQ (V) 3.60
Min. Operating VCCQ (V) 2.70
Speed (ns) N/A
Density (Kb) 2048
Frequency (MHz) 40
Temp. Classification Industrial

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No. of Pins 8
Package Cross Section Drawing Download
Package Carrier Drawing / Orientation Package Orientation
Standard Pack Quantity 2500
Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) 2500
Order Increment 2500
Estimated Lead Time (days) 35
HTS Code 8542.32.0070

Quality and RoHS

Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) 1
Peak Reflow Temp. (°C) 260 (Cypress Reflow Profile)
RoHS Compliant Y Print RoHS Certificate of Compliance
PB Free Y
Lead/Ball Finish Pure Sn
Marking Cypress Marking Format
Device Qualification Reports
FIT/MTBF, ESD (HBM/CDM) and Latch-up data available in the Device Qualification Report. Please click here.

Technical Documents

Application Notes (30)
AN92577 - Migrating from FM25H20 to FM25V20A Last Update: 27/02/2015
AN89659 - Interfacing SPI F-RAM with PSoC® 4 Last Update: 27/02/2015
AN217 - Migrating from FM24CL32 to FM24CL64B Last Update: 27/02/2015
AN311 - FM25V01 Replaces Two FM25CL64s Last Update: 27/02/2015
AN322 - Migrating from Grade 1 version of FM25L04 to Grade 1 version of FM25L04B Last Update: 27/02/2015
AN321 - Migrating from Grade 1 version of FM25040A to Grade 1 version of FM25040B Last Update: 27/02/2015
AN212 - Migrating from FM24CL64 to FM24CL64B Last Update: 27/02/2015
AN318 - Migrating from FM25L16 to FM25L16B Last Update: 27/02/2015
AN326 - Migrating from Grade 1 version of FM25CL64 to Grade 1 version of FM25CL64B Last Update: 27/02/2015
AN206 - Migrating from FM24L256 to FM24V02 Last Update: 27/02/2015
AN87352 - F-RAM™ for Smart E-Meters Last Update: 27/02/2015
AN304 - SPI Guide for F-RAM™ Last Update: 27/02/2015
AN316 - Migrating from FM25640 to FM25640B Last Update: 27/02/2015
AN315 - Migrating from FM25C160 to FM25C160B Last Update: 27/02/2015
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AN210 - Migrating from FM24CL04 to FM24CL04B Last Update: 26/02/2015
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AN214 - Migrating from FM24C16A to FM24C16B Last Update: 26/02/2015
AN317 - Migrating from FM25L04 to FM25L04B Last Update: 26/02/2015
AN309 - Migrating from FM25L512 to FM25V05 Last Update: 26/02/2015
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AN207b - FM24V01 Replaces Two FM24CL64s Last Update: 26/02/2015
AN323 - Migrating from Grade 1 version of FM25C160 to Grade 1 version of FM25C160B Last Update: 26/02/2015
AN319 - Migrating from FM25CL64 to FM25CL64B Last Update: 26/02/2015
AN310 - Differences between FM25H20 and FM25V20 Last Update: 26/02/2015
AN314 - Migrating from FM25040A to FM25040B Last Update: 26/02/2015
Models (2)
FM25H20 - IBIS Last Update: 03/07/2014
FM25H20 - VERILOG Last Update: 02/04/2014
Product Change Notice (PCN) (1)
PCN145331 Last Update: 17/09/2014
Product Information Notice (PIN) (5)
PIN145277 Last Update: 19/03/2014
PIN145268 Last Update: 02/03/2014
PIN135248 Last Update: 06/12/2013
PIN135228 Last Update: 13/09/2013
PIN135200 Last Update: 21/03/2013

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