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CY7C68013A, CY7C68014A, CY7C68015A, CY7C68016A: EZ-USB® FX2LP™ USB Microcontroller High-Speed USB Peripheral Controller (PDF, 0.89 MB)
Datasheet updated: 07/29/2013


Development Kit CY3684
Automotive Qualified N
Application USB High-Speed Peripherals
I/O Options 8/16-bit Databus, DMA, GPIO, I2C, UART
Data Transfers Bulk, Interrupt, Isochronous
Memory Architecture RAM
Memory Size (KB) 16
Min. Operating Voltage (V) 3.00
Max. Operating Voltage (V) 3.60
Min. Operating Temp. (°C) 0
Max. Operating Temp. (°C) 70
No. of I/Os 40
CPU Core Enhanced 8051

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Package TQFP
No. of Pins 100
Package Dimensions 551 L X 1.4 H X 787 W (Mils)
Package Weight 913.01 (mgs)
Package Cross Section Drawing Download
Package Carrier TRAY
Package Carrier Drawing / Orientation Drawing, Package Orientation
Standard Pack Quantity 720
Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) 144
Order Increment 144
Estimated Lead Time (days) 42
HTS Code 8542.31.0000
ECCN 3A991
ECCN Suball (A.3)

Quality and RoHS

Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) 3
Peak Reflow Temp. (°C) 260 (Cypress Reflow Profile)
RoHS Compliant Y Print RoHS Certificate of Compliance
PB Free Y
Lead/Ball Finish Ni/Pd/Au, Pure Sn
Marking Cypress Marking Format
Package Material Declaration
100L-TQFP 14X20mm PB-FREE PMDD Last Update: 05/25/2015
IPC 1752 Material Declaration
IPC-1752-2_V1.1_TQFP 100 14 X 20 MM_ASE Last Update: 07/05/2012
TQFP 100 14 x 20 mm - 001-80194 Last Update: 06/29/2012
TQFP 100 14 x 20 mm - 001-80317 Last Update: 06/29/2012
RoHS Analysis Certificates (CoA)
TSOP 28 - 001-79768 Last Update: 06/28/2012
ZT48 - 001-79771 Last Update: 06/28/2012
AZ128 - R Last Update: 06/28/2012
RoHS Analysis Certificates (CoA) for Direct Materials
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Package Qualification Report
001-68913_0B_V.pdf Last Update: 01/31/2014
001-85726_0A_V.pdf Last Update: 02/09/2015
Device Qualification Reports
FIT/MTBF, ESD (HBM/CDM) and Latch-up data available in the Device Qualification Report. Please click here.

Technical Documents

Application Notes (22)
AN74505 - EZ-USB® FX2LP™ - Developing USB Application on MAC OS X using LIBUSB Last Update: 20/03/2015
AN50963 - EZ-USB® FX1™/FX2LP™ Boot Options Last Update: 20/03/2015
AN4053 - Streaming Data through Isochronous or Bulk Endpoints on EZ-USB® FX2™ and FX2LP™ Last Update: 22/02/2015
AN76348 - Differences in Implementation of EZ-USB® FX2LP™ and EZ-USB FX3 Applications Last Update: 19/02/2015
AN65209 - Getting Started with FX2LP™ Last Update: 03/02/2015
AN70983 - Designing a Bulk Transfer Host Application for EZ-USB® FX2LP™/FX3™ Last Update: 23/01/2015
AN15456 - Guide to a Successful EZ-USB® FX2LP™ Hardware Design Last Update: 10/10/2014
AN57322 - Interfacing SRAM with FX2LP over GPIF Last Update: 25/09/2014
AN4078 - Migrating from EZ-USB® FX2™ to EZ-USB FX2LP™ Last Update: 22/09/2014
AN6076 - Differences between EZ-USB® FX2LP™ and MoBL-USB™ FX2LP18 Last Update: 15/09/2014
AN15652 - Interfacing a Cypress MoBL-USB™ FX2LP18 with an Intel PXA27x Processor Last Update: 28/07/2014
AN61345 - Designing With EZ-USB® FX2LP™ Slave FIFO Interface Last Update: 05/06/2014
AN42499 - Using and Troubleshooting the KEIL™ Debugger Environment Last Update: 16/02/2014
AN66806 - Getting Started with EZ-USB® FX2LP™ GPIF Last Update: 20/01/2014
AN45471 - Create Your Own USB Vendor Commands Using FX2LP™ Last Update: 14/01/2014
AN63787 - EZ-USB® FX2LP™ GPIF and Slave FIFO Configuration Examples Using an 8-Bit Asynchronous Interface Last Update: 04/12/2013
AN64673 - Getting started with AT2LP™ Last Update: 14/11/2013
AN63620 - Configuring a Xilinx Spartan-3E FPGA Over USB Using EZ-USB FX2LP™ Last Update: 16/09/2013
AN64020 - Creating a FX1/FX2LP™ Composite HID Device Last Update: 12/09/2013
AN78446 - Interrupt Handling in EZ-USB® FX2LP™ Last Update: 08/02/2013
Code/Memory Banking Using EZ-USB® - AN58170 Last Update: 17/01/2013
AN58009 - Serial (UART) Port Debugging of FX1/FX2LP Firmware Last Update: 26/12/2012
Technical Reference Manuals (1)
EZ-USB® Technical Reference Manual Last Update: 02/05/2014
Product Change Notice (PCN) (9)
PCN125156 Addendum 2 Last Update: 25/07/2014
PCN145320 Last Update: 23/06/2014
PCN135257 Last Update: 17/12/2013
PCN125156 Last Update: 18/06/2012
PCN115048 Last Update: 19/04/2011
PCN050862 Last Update: 18/08/2008
PCN061233 Last Update: 14/08/2008
PCN084676 Last Update: 12/08/2008
PCN071512 Last Update: 17/07/2008
Product Information Notice (PIN) (5)
PIN145277 Last Update: 19/03/2014
PIN145276 Last Update: 19/03/2014
PCN125157 Last Update: 19/06/2012
PCN104993 Last Update: 19/10/2010
PCN084642 Last Update: 17/07/2008
Code Examples (1)
USB Hi-Speed Code Examples Last Update: 12/03/2015
Device Drivers (1)
My FX2LP development board comes up as a DVB-T product Last Update: 25/06/2011
Device Programming (2)
Instruction for download the firmware using script for FX2LP Last Update: 19/06/2011
Renumeration in firmware for FX1/FX2LP Last Update: 18/06/2011
SuiteUSB.NET (2)
.h file for CyUSB.dll Last Update: 25/06/2011
Setting TimeOut parameter to zero in XferData call Last Update: 19/06/2011

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