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Cypress - The Global Leader in High Performance Memories


Cypress is an industry leader in synchronous SRAMs, asynchronous SRAMs, nonvolatile SRAMs, nonvolatile F-RAMs, as well as multi-port solutions and FIFO products. Cypress also operates a dedicated Aerospace & Defense business unit and leverages its leading edge technologies to offer Space & Military Grade memory products

The company remains an optimal solution for a memory market characterized by a shrinking supplier base and dwindling product portfolios. As companies continue to abandon the market, Cypress remains an innovative, reliable, committed supplier for your memory needs. Our long-term commitment to the broadest product line, product development, industry longevity, and most advanced technology sets Cypress apart as a memory supplier of choice.

Whatever your application—from handhelds to network gear—Cypress's memory lineup is a testament to versatility: micropower, fast asynchronous, synchronous, nonvolatile, multi-port, and FIFO memories. In a market landscape dotted by "EOL", Cypress gives you the support and confidence you need for the long run.

Synchronous SRAMs - The broadest portfolio in the industry:
Cypress is committed to offering a complete range of high-density synchronous SRAM families, including QDR /DDR , II and II ,  No Bus Latency™ and standard pipelined and flow-through products. Cypress delivers the industry’s broadest portfolio of 65-nm synchronous SRAMs, which includes densities from 1 Mbits up to 144 Mbits and speeds up to 550 MHz. As a top-tier synchronous SRAM manufacturer, Cypress complements its products with best-in-class manufacturing and customer support. No other supplier can match Cypress in density, speed-grade options, temperature ranges, and TQFP and BGA leaded and lead-free packaging. Cypress’s portfolio of SRAMs includes leaded and lead-free packaging; commercial, industrial and military options; numerous interface configurations; and a wide range of performance options. Cypress also works with customers to develop solutions for specific application requirements.  Cypress has already shipped over a million 65-nm SRAMs to over 150 customers worldwide.

  x 36, x 18, x 9  I/O configurations
  Available in Burst Lengths of 2 and 4
  Clock Frequencies up to 333MHz for burst lengths of 4 and 2
  Read Latencies of 1.5 cycles
  ROHS 5/6, & RoHS 6/6 Compliant 165 BGA package

  x 36, x 18, x 9 I/O configurations
  Available in Burst Lengths of 2 and 4
  Clock Frequencies up to 550MHz burst length 4 and 333MHz for burst length 2 respectively.
  Available in Read Latencies of 2 cycles and 2.5 cycles
  ODT: High and Low Ranges
  ROHS 5/6, & RoHS 6/6 Compliant 165 BGA package

  x 36, x 18, I/O configurations
  Up to 333MHz clock frequency
  Available in Burst Lengths of 2
  ROHS 5/6, & RoHS 6/6 Compliant 165 BGA package

  x 36, x 18, I/O configurations
  Up to 550MHz clock frequency
  Available in Burst Length of 2
  Available in Read Latencies of 2 cycles and 2.5 cycles
  ODT: High and Low Ranges
  ROHS 5/6, & RoHS 6/6 Compliant 165 BGA package

Ultra Low Power SRAMs - Advanced Process Technology:
Cypress is committed to maintaining support for both fast asynchronous and low-power SRAMs, even with major players exiting the market. Offering the most advanced process technology in the SRAM world, Cypress’s MoBL™ SRAMs dominate the low-power segment with the industry’s broadest portfolio, from 64 Kb to 64 Mb. Cypress’s RoHS-compliant (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) MicroPower SRAMs offered in industry-standard packaging options such as: FBGA, VFBGA, SOIC, STSOP, TSOP, TSOP II, PDIP, in industrial temperature range. These SRAMs are appropriate for high-performance, high-battery-life memory solutions in applications indicated on the right.

Fast Asynchronous SRAMs - Unparalled Commitment:
Cypress provides the broadest portfolio of fast asynchronous SRAMs from 4 Kb to 32 Mb available in industry standard voltage, bus width, and package options. These devices offer the fastest access times available, making them optimal for network equipment. The company’s fast asynchronous SRAMs are supported by best-in-class process technology, manufacturing and customer support. The fast asynchronous SRAMs are offered in RoHS-compliant, industry-standard packaging options such as: FBGA, VFBGA, SOJ, TSOP, TSOP II, and PDIP, in industrial temperature range.

Multi-Port Memories - Maximize Performance:
Cypress’s multi-port memory solutions offer the highest-performing interconnects in the industry. Our multi-port memory portfolio includes more than 250 synchronous and asynchronous products in densities from 8 Kb to 36 Mb. The FullFlex™ family of high density synchronous dual-port SRAMs developed in 90 nm technology is offered in 4 Mb, 9 Mb, 18 Mb, and 36 Mb densities in x18, x36, and x72 configurations. Cypress multi-ports are offered in industry-standard packaging such as: TQFP, FBGA , PLCC and molded DIP.

  • Cutting Edge Technology: 90 nm
  • Lowest Voltage Range: 1.2V and 1.8V
  • Highest Density Range: 2 Mb to 36 Mb
  • Widest Depth Range: x18 to x72

FIFO Memories - Highest Performing:
Cypress delivers FIFO memories in densities ranging from 2 Kb to 1 Mb which provide ideal solutions to interconnect problems like:

  1. Flow Control
  2. Rate Matching
  3. Bus Matching

The comprehensive FIFO product line is offered in industry standard packaging such as: TQFP and PLCC. These devices can be easily integrated into new and existing designs to help designers simplify system design and reduce design cycle time. More than 100 types of asynchronous and synchronous FIFO memories are available.

Nonvolatile Products - Enhanced performance and reliability:
The Cypress portfolio of fast-write nonvolatile memories is the broadest in the industry. Cypress nvSRAM is the fastest nonvolatile memory. Cypress F-RAM is the lowest power nonvolatile memory. Cypress continues to support and invest in nvSRAM and F-RAM as complementary products to provide a comprehensive nonvolatile memory portfolio.

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