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PSoC® Designer™ Is Not Responding On a PC with Kaspersky™ Software Installed – KBA93563 Updated
Question: While building a project, PSoC® Designer™ stops responding during the Generate/Build process, and Windows® Task Manager shows that make.exe is using 99 percent of the CPU. Why does this issue occur? What is the solution?
Mean Time to Failure Versus Mean Time Between Failure – KBA94271 New
Question: What is the difference between Mean Time to Failure (MTTF) and Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)?
ImageCraft© Pro Compiler for PSoC® Designer™ – KBA88118 New
Question: Does PSoC Designer support the Imagecraft Pro compiler?
Troubleshooting Guide for nvSRAM and FRAM – KBA94279 New
Preventing the “This Device Can Perform Faster” Pop Up – KBA94209 New
Question: How do you prevent the “This device can perform faster” pop up from appearing when operating a high-speed capable device at full speed?
Soft Errors and their Effect on Semiconductor Devices – KBA90938 New
Question: What is a soft error (SE)? How do SEs affect semiconductor devices? What are the causes of SEs?
ECC Implementation in Cypress’s 65-nm Asynchronous SRAMs – KBA90940 New
Question: How is error correcting code (ECC) implemented to mitigate soft errors in Cypress’s 65-nm Asynchronous SRAMs?
Different Ways to Mitigate Soft Errors in Asynchronous SRAMs – KBA90939 New
Question: What are the different ways to mitigate soft errors in Asynchronous SRAMs?
Error Correcting Code to Detect and Correct Single-Bit Errors – KBA90941 New
Question: What is error correcting code (ECC)? How does it help in single-bit error detection and correction?
Time-Sharing a PSoC® 4 Serial Communication Block (SCB) Between Two Functions – KBA90605 New
Question: Can an SCB in a PSoC® 4 device be time-shared between two communication functions, such as an I2C master and a UART Tx? How do you implement this?
EZ-USB® FX3™ Timer Ticks – KBA93074 New
Question: The FX3™ SDK refers to “one timer tick”. What is the default value of one timer tick and can the value be changed?
International Labor and Human Rights Standards – KBA81321 New
Question: What is Cypress’s position on international labor and human rights standards?
PSoC® Creator™ 3.0 Service Pack 1 Components Modified Without a Version Number Change – KBA94159
Question: Cypress inadvertently changed components without updating the version numbers. The affected components all use other components in their implementation. These underlying component versions were updated in PSoC® Creator™ 3.0 Service Pack 1 without changing the higher-level component version. How does this affect you? What do you need to do?
Rise and Fall time specifications for SCL and SDA lines of I2C
Monitoring Voltage and Current with PSoC 1
FX2LP Audio Device in windows volume control
How to Get FX2LP Audio Device to Appear in Windows Volume Control?
USB HID Specification
Where can I find information on USB HID devices?
PSoC® USB Mass Storage Class Support – KBA93269
Question: Does the PSoC® family of devices support the USB mass storage class (MSC)? If so, are there any working examples that can be used as a reference?
PSoC® USB Audio Class Support - KBA93271
Question: Does the PSoC® family of devices support the USB Audio Class? If so, are there any example projects that can be used as a reference?
Placing a Function or a Variable at an Absolute Location in SRAM or in Flash of PSoC® 3, PSoC 4, and PSoC 5LP, with the Keil, GCC, and MDK Compilers – KBA84773
Question: How do you place a function or a variable at an absolute memory section (in SRAM or flash) in PSoC® 3, PSoC 4, and PSoC 5LP, with the Keil, GNU Compiler Collection (GCC), and Microcontroller Development Kit (MDK) compilers?
General-Purpose Memory Controller (GPMC) Configuration for Interfacing the TI Processor (AM335x) with Dual-Port Memories – KBA91141
Question: What is the GPMC configuration for interfacing the TI processor (AM335x) with Dual-Port memories?
Thermal Resistance and Maximum Junction Temperature for EZ-USB® FX3™ - KBA93075
Question: What are the values for thermal resistance and maximum junction temperature for FX3™?
Pinout for the EZ-USB® FX3™ Synchronous ADMux Boot - KBA93654
Question: What is the pinout for the FX3™ Synchronous ADMux Boot?
Enumeration of EZ-USB® FX2LP™ from Off-Chip Memory - KBA92900
Question: How do you make FX2LP™ (128-pin package) enumerate from off-chip memory?
Clock Ratio Specifications for High-Density FIFO (HDFIFO) - KBA88198
Question: What are the Clock Ratio specifications for HDFIFO?
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