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Using External Bench Supply for VBAT in CYRF6936 – KBA86648 New
Question: Can I use external bench supply for VBAT in CYRF6936?
Attaching a MiniProg3 to a Running PSoC® 3 Causes a Reset – KBA83516 New
Question: When you attach a MiniProg3 to your board or development kit with a program already running, it causes the device to reset. If you are debugging a problem, you will lose your work. What causes this issue? What is the solution?
LPP Interfaces Supported by the FX3™ Development Platforms – KBA94627 Updated
Question: Which Low Performance Peripheral (LPP) interfaces are supported by the FX3™ SuperSpeed Explorer Kit (CYUSB3KIT-003) and the FX3 Development Kit (CYUSB3KIT-001)?
Termination of Input Pins in Sync SRAMs – KBA82779
Question: Do all the input pins need pull-up resistors for termination in Sync SRAMs?
Avoiding Regeneration of Source Files in PSoC® Creator™ – KBA83286
Question: If you do not want a project’s configuration and source files to update, then is there a way to keep PSoC® Creator™ from regenerating the source file on build?
EZ-USB® HX3 I2C Slave Mode Operation – KBA90943
Question: What do you need to know about HX3 I2C slave mode operation?
Datasheet for the AN21xx Parts – KBA90598
Question: Where is the datasheet for the AN21xx parts?
Crystal Clock Error Routine at Startup in PSoC® 3, and PSoC 5LP - KBA85476
Question: What happens if the external XTAL clock settings in the .cydwr settings and the actual external crystal oscillator frequency are considerably different?
Interfacing an External SPI Device with the CYUSBS234/236 DVK – KBA92331
Question: How can you connect an external SPI device to the CYUSBS234/236 DVK?
Similarities and Differences Between the CY7C199C and CY7C199CN Parts – KBA91346
Question: What are the main similarities and differences between the CY7C199C and CY7C199CN Async Fast SRAMs?
EZ-USB® FX3™ Boundary Scanning Support – KBA90923
Question: Does FX3™ support boundary scanning?
Altium and OrCAD Libraries for PSoC® 4100 and PSoC 4200 Families – KBA89265
Question:Where can you find the Altium and OrCAD libraries for PSoC® 4100 and 4200 families?
Using Math Functions in PSoC® Creator™ for the PSoC 4 or PSoC 5LP GCC Compiler – KBA93076
Question: How do you use math functions in PSoC® Creator™ 3.0 for the PSoC 4 or PSoC 5LP GCC Compiler?
External Memory Interface Support in PSoC® 3 / PSoC 5LP – KBA88199
Question: Which external memories can the external memory interface (EMIF) support?
Flash Memory Write Defect in PSoC® 4000, PSoC 4100, and PSoC 4200 Devices – KBA94530
Question: Cypress has identified a defect with the flash write functionality of the PSoC® 4000, PSoC 4100, and PSoC 4200 devices. The CySysFlashWriteRow() function in the PSoC Creator™ cy_boot [v4.0 and v4.10] Component fails to write a row of flash memory if the row data to be written is nonzero, and if the lower 32 bits of the checksum (computed before the flash row write) are all zeroes. What do I need to do about this?
HID out report example
Do you have an code example that demonstrates HID Out report transfer ?
Premis SSCG filter values below 1%
I need to set the FS781 filter values to give 0.3%, 0.5% and 0.7% spread bandwidth. They are running at 32MHz. What would the capacitor values be?
PSoC® Designer™ Is Not Responding On a PC with Kaspersky™ Software Installed – KBA93563
Question: While building a project, PSoC® Designer™ stops responding during the Generate/Build process, and Windows® Task Manager shows that make.exe is using 99 percent of the CPU. Why does this issue occur? What is the solution?
Mean Time to Failure Versus Mean Time Between Failure – KBA94271
Question: What is the difference between Mean Time to Failure (MTTF) and Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)?
ImageCraft© Pro Compiler for PSoC® Designer™ – KBA88118
Question: Does PSoC Designer support the Imagecraft Pro compiler?
Troubleshooting Guide for nvSRAM and FRAM – KBA94279
Preventing the “This Device Can Perform Faster” Pop Up – KBA94209
Question: How do you prevent the “This device can perform faster” pop up from appearing when operating a high-speed capable device at full speed?
Soft Errors and their Effect on Semiconductor Devices – KBA90938
Question: What is a soft error (SE)? How do SEs affect semiconductor devices? What are the causes of SEs?
ECC Implementation in Cypress’s 65-nm Asynchronous SRAMs – KBA90940
Question: How is error correcting code (ECC) implemented to mitigate soft errors in Cypress’s 65-nm Asynchronous SRAMs?
Different Ways to Mitigate Soft Errors in Asynchronous SRAMs – KBA90939
Question: What are the different ways to mitigate soft errors in Asynchronous SRAMs?
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