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Transformer Options for the PLC High Voltage Reference Design Updated
Do you have any options for the transformers used in the PLC High Voltage Reference Design?
Implementing a 32-kHz ECO Interface with PSoC® 4100/PSoC 4200 – KBA95848 New
Question: How can we implement a 32.768-kHz external crystal oscillator (ECO) interface with PSoC 4100 and PSoC 4200 series devices?
Hex File Changes After Migrating from PSoC® Designer™ 5.3 to 5.4 – KBA95795 New
Question: Why does the hex file change after building the PSoC Designer 5.3 project in PD 5.4 if neither user modules nor the boot.tpl file is updated? How to avoid the hex file change?
List of Obsolete PROM Parts - KBA83217 Updated
Question: What is the status of PROM parts manufactured by Cypress?
Analog Routing Rules in PSoC® 4 BLE – KBA95947 New
Question: What are the rules for analog routing in PSoC 4 BLE?
Using a Lesser Drive Level Crystal with EZ-USB® FX1™/FX2™/FX2LP™ – KBA90065
Question: The EZ-USB® family of chips (FX1™/FX2™/FX2LP™) specifies a 24-MHz crystal drive level of 500 μW. What happens when a lesser drive level crystal (say 100 μW) is used?
Cypress Part Replacements for Obsolete Simtek Parts – KBA83208
Question: What are the recommended replacements for Simtek parts that are obsolete?
Effect of Wave Soldering on F-RAM™ Data Retention – KBA90429
Question: What is the effect of wave soldering on the data retention of F-RAM?
Configuring Buffer Sizes in AN75779 UVC Firmware – KBA90744
Question: What are the changes required when the DMA channel buffer size is changed in the UVC example project of AN75779?
Interpreting the DMA_RDY Flag of the GPIF™ II Block of FX3 – KBA90743
Question: How should the DMA_RDY flag be interpreted by the external master interfaced to the General Programming Interface II (GPIF™II) slave of FX3?
JTAG Debugging of FX3 Does Not Work for Self-Powered Designs – KBA90741
Question: The JTAG interface does not respond on a self-powered FX3 board unless the upstream connection is made. It works well on a bus-powered board.
GPIF™ II Block of FX3 Is Not Full-Duplex – KBA90742
Question: Can the General Programmable Interface II (GPIF™ II) block of FX3 operate in the full-duplex mode (send and receive data simultaneously)?
Replacement for W245
What do you recommend as a replacement for W245.
Spread Spectrum Clock (SSC) Input to Cypress Clock Device
Can I give Spread Spectrum Clock (SSC) input to any Cypress Clock device?
Replacing FT232R with CY7C65213 USB-UART LP Bridge Controller – KBA85921
Question: Is the CY7C65213 USB-UART LP Bridge Controller pin-compatible with FT232R?
Power-up Condition Cause A Device To Misbehave For 5V RoboClock
Are there any power-up conditions that cause the part to misbehave for 5V RoboClock?
3.3V-Compatible RoboClocks
What all RoboClocks are 3.3V-compatible?
To find package qualification reports on Cypress web
How do I find package qualification reports on the Cypress web?
Difference Between tACE and tDOE – KBA92092
Question: What are the timing parameters of tDOE and tACE for an Asynchronous SRAM? When should you assert /CE and /OE so that you get valid data in tACE and tDOE time during a read operation?
VCAP Pin Connection when Not Using the Storage Capacitor (VCAP) on nvSRAM - KBA83043
Question: What should be done with the VCAP pin if the AutoStore feature is not required and I do not use the storage capacitor, VCAP?
Single Event Latch-Up (SEL) and Soft Error Rate (SER) in nvSRAMs - KBA83213
Question: How do Cypress nvSRAM devices handle SEL and SER events?
EZ-USB® FX1™/FX2™/FX2LP™ Enumerates as “USB Device Not Recognized” with a VID/PID of 0000/0000 – KBA93285
Question: What should you do if FX1™/FX2™/FX2LP™ enumerates as “USB Device Not Recognized” with a Vendor ID / Product ID (VID/PID) of 0000/0000?
High-Bandwidth Interrupt Transfers (Three Packets per Microframe) in Windows® XP – KBA93229
Question: Is it possible to implement high-bandwidth interrupt transfers (three packets per microframe) in Windows® XP?
CY7C67200 Default Vendor ID (VID) / Product ID (PID) – KBA89336
Question: What is the VID/PID for the CY7C67200 chip?
Glitch on Power Supply Line During RECALL- KBA83044
Question: How does the Power-up RECALL operation work when VCC is non-monotonic during power up?
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