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CY8C20xx7 device family supports water tolerance applications

Last Updated: 06/13/2012

Does the CY8C20xx7 device family support water tolerance applications?

Yes, the CY8C20xx7 device family supports shield electrodes on 5 ports pins. Each shield electrode can be enabled independently from other shield electrode. Maximum parasitic capacitance of shield electrode should be less than 100pF for a 3MHz sensor scan clock for the shield electrode to work perfectly. The shield electrode feature in CY8C20xx7 is ideal for implementing: 

  • Water tolerant buttons and sliders,  
  • Buttons and sliders in presence of metal objects and  
  • Proximity sensors. 
Additionally, the shield electrode implementation also supports a shield-tank capacitor, which can be used to limit the bandwidth of shield electrode to lower radiated noise from shield electrode.

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