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CY3681 Board Schematic – KBA89333
Question: Where is the schematic of the CY3681 EZ-USB® FX2™ Development Kit?
Electrical Specification of the EZ-USB® FX2LP™ USB Interface – KBA89332
Question: Where can the electrical specification of the FX2LP™ USB interface be found?
PLLs in CY254xx and MoBL Clocks
How many PLLs are available in the CY254xx and MoBL Clock families of clock generators?
Crystal Requirements for EZ-USB® AT2LP™ Parts - KBA88223
Question: What are the crystal requirements for EZ-USB® AT2LP™ parts?
Configuring EZ-USB® HX2VL Using Both Pin Strapping and EEPROM at the Same Time – KBA89014
Question: Can EZ-USB® HX2VL be configured using both pin strapping and EEPROM at the same time?
EZ-USB® FX1™/FX2™/FX2LP™ Endpoints - KBA88226
Question: How many endpoints do EZ-USB® FX1™/FX2™/FX2LP™ have?
Capacitance on USB Hub Downstream VBUS Line - KBA89330
Question: Is the large capacitor on the downstream VBUS lines really required? It causes a slow drop of the line voltage when the hub is unplugged or unpowered.
Pin 57 (TAB) of EZ-USB® HX2LP™ - KBA89318
Question: The schematic of the HX2LP™ Reference Design Kit has pin 57 (TAB) connected to ground. The HX2LP chip has only 56 pins. Where can pin 57 be found? What is its purpose?
Crystal Pin Parameters of EZ-USB® HX2VL™ - KBA89257
Question: What are the values of the following parameters of EZ-USB® HX2VL™?
PCB Design Guides for USB Hubs (CY7C656xx) – KBA89013
Question: Are there any application notes or design guides for the USB hub (CY7C656XX) PCB design?
Maximum Capacitive Load of the Analog Buffer Output of PSoC® 1 – KBA88254
Question: What is the maximum capacitive load that can be driven by the analog buffer output of PSoC® 1?
Board Layout Recommendations For The CY22393
Does Cypress offer PCB Layout recommendations for the CY22393?
Connecting PA6 of CY7C67200 – KBA91199
Question: How do you connect the A6 pin of CY7C67200 in the host application?
Capacitor Value on the VCCD Pin of USB-Serial Bridge Controllers - KBA91052
Question: What value of capacitance should be used on the VCCD pin of USB-Serial Bridge Controllers?
Crystal Recommended for SL811HS – KBA91289
Question: Which crystal is recommended for SL811HS, 12 MHz or 48 MHz?
Connecting a 5 V Logic to EZ-USB® FX2™/FX2LP™ Pins – KBA90543
Question: Can you connect a 5 V Logic to FX2™/FX2LP™ pins?
Crystal Drive Level Requirement for EZ-USB® FX2LP™ – KBA90549
Question: In FX2LP™, what does it mean to have a 500 μW crystal drive level requirement?
DMA Capability in the EZ-USB® FX1/FX2/FX2LP™ – KBA88224
Question: Does the EZ-USB® FX1/FX2/FX2LP™ have any kind of DMA or “DMA-like” capability?
Internal Pull-Up or Pull-Down on Port I/O Pins in EZ-USB® FX2™/FX2LP™ – KBA90548
Question: Are there any weak internal pull-up or pull-down resistors on the FX2™/FX2LP™ port pins?
Schematic Review Checklist for EZ-USB® FX2LP™ – KBA90551
Question: Is there a schematic review checklist for FX2LP™?
Sink/Source Current Capability of a PSoC® 4 GPIO - KBA87090
Question: What is the sink/source current capability of a PSoC® 4 GPIO?
Input Requirement / 5V Tolerance of CY23FS04
Is there any Trise and Tfall (slew rate) requirement for the input of the Xtal input (Xin) of CY23FS04? Is the input pin (Xin) 5V tolerant?
Altium and OrCAD Libraries for PSoC® 4100 and PSoC 4200 Families – KBA89265
Question:Where can you find the Altium and OrCAD libraries for PSoC® 4100 and 4200 families?
Crystal Clock Error Routine at Startup in PSoC® 3, and PSoC 5LP - KBA85476
Question: What happens if the external XTAL clock settings in the .cydwr settings and the actual external crystal oscillator frequency are considerably different?
CY3217-MiniProg1 Electrostatic Discharge Resistance – KBA83013
Question: How resistant is the CY3217-MiniProg1 kit to electrostatic discharge (ESD) noise?
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