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"Invalid characters" error message in PSoC Creator
When I try to open a PSoC Creator Project, I get the error: Unable to open the workspace "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\桌面\...\psoccreatorproject.cywrk": (Invalid character(s): 桌面) What is the cause and how do I fix this?
Cache RAM in PSoC3
Does PSoC 3 have a Cache RAM?
Changing the Configurations of a Pins Component while replacing the Deprecated Analog Port Component in PSoC Creator
How do I set the configurations of a "Pins" component while replacing the deprecated "Analog Port" component in PSoC Creator?
Wiring a bus to I2C in PSoC Creator
How can I connect my I2C component to a digital pin through a bus ?
"CyKeilSpawner" error while building a project in PSoC Creator on Windows7
When building a PSoC Creator project in Windows 7, I get the "CyKeilSpawner no function" error. I do not get this error in Windows Vista or Win XP. What is the cause of this error and what is the solution?
Changing the size of an Array during runtime in PSoC Creator
Is it possible to change the size of a RAM array during runtime? For example in the code below I would like to have the size of intArray to be based on the value stored in the variable arrayLength. uint8 arrayLength = 5; uint16 intArray[arrayLength];
Changing the Configurations of a Pins Component while replacing the Deprecated Digital Port Component in PSoC Creator
How do I set the configurations of a "Pins" Component while replacing the deprecated "Digital Port" Component ?
Initial State of PSoC 3/5 GPIOs during POR
What is the state of the GPIO pins in PSoC 3/5 during POR?
Clearing the Interrupt Source Status Register to accept next Interrupt in PSoC 3/5
How do I clear the Interrupt Status Register of any Component in PSoC 3/5 so that the next Interrupt can be serviced?
VDAC Output Impedance and Drive Current in PSoC 3/5
What is the drive capability of the PSoC 3/5 VDAC?
Adding a variable to watch windows 2, 3 and 4 in PSoC Creator
How to add a variable to watch window 2, 3 and 4 in PSoC Creator?
Advantage of multiple stop bits at Transmitter side for all PSoC devices
What is the recommended number of stop bits for UART transmitter?
ISR connected to Timer Interrupt is being executed multiple times.
The ISR connected to Timer interrupts seems to get executed multiple times. Why is it so and how to solve this problem?
MiniProg3 connections for bootloading over I2C
How should I connect the MiniProg3 to a DVK board, to bootload over I2C?
Power measurements for low power modes of PSoC 3/5 on CY8CKIT-001
I want to test the low power mode current consumption on PSoC3/5. How should I measure it on CY8CKIT-001?
Connecting multiple interrupt sources on the same port of PSoC 3/5
Why can't I connect multiple interrupts on the same port? i.e., If I connect an ISR to pin P0[3], I'm not able to connect another ISR to pin P0[4].
Avoiding changes in the source file to get overwritten in PSoC Creator
Whenever I modify the code in component’s generated source file, it gets removed whenever project is built in PSoC Creator. How to make modification to retain after build?
Migrating project from CY8CKIT-001 to CY8CKIT-030 or CY8CKIT-050
How do we make example project designed to work on CY8CKIT-001 to work with CY8CKIT-030 or CY8CKIT-050?
Format of .cyacd file relating to PSoC 3/5 bootloaders
What is the format of bootloadable file ( *.cyacd ) created by PSoC 3/5 Bootloaders?
Inverting the display of characters on 16x2 character LCD in PSoC Creator design
How to Display inverse of characters (i.e. to toggle dots which are On to Off and visa-versa) on 16x2 character LCD interfaced with PSoc 3/5 using PSoC Creator?
Difference between XRES and configurable XRES in PSoC 3/5
What is the difference between XRES and configurable XRES (P1[2]) in PSoC 3/5?
Skipping generation of APIs of a component in PSoC Creator
Is there a way so that I can stop generating APIs for the components for which I do not want to use them?
Instruction executed after PSoC 3/5 wakes from Sleep/Hibernate mode
What instruction will be executed first when PSoC 3/5 wakes up from sleep/hibernate mode?
Drive strength differences between GPIO and SIO pins in PSoC 3/5
What are the differences in drive strength between GPIO and SIO pins in PSoC 3/5?
Operating EZI2C in PSoC at lower than 50KHz frequency
I want to operate PSoC EZI2C as a slave in I2C communication. The I2C master clock frequency is 40KHz, but in designer the options available for CLK are 50KHz, 100KHz and 400KHz. Can PSoC respond to 40KHz ?
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