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High Signal on Compare Output When Period Is Changed in Firmware – KBA89231
Question: The compare output shows constant high pulse when using the counter in Up Counter clock mode and updating the period value in the firmware. Why does this happen?
Problem in Sending 64 bytes / Maximum Payload Size Packet in USBUART Component – KBA89052
Question: When trying to send a packet of maximum payload size (64 bytes) in USBUART, no data is seen on the serial port application even though the data was transferred and seen on the USB bus. What is causing the problem? What is the solution?
Issue while Debugging a PSoC® 3/5 USB Firmware – KBA89230
Question: When you try to debug a working PSoC® USB firmware, you get the error message "USB Device Not Recognized" on the PC. Why is this happening? What is the solution?
Multiple Applications Based on CyUSB.dll Hang On Disconnection of a Device Communicating with One of Them – KBA89229
Question: When communicating with two devices using two applications created with CyUSB.dll, the disconnection of a device communicating with one of the applications hangs the other application. What is going wrong?
Viewing Data in Management Data Input/Output (MDIO) Registers – KBA89251
Question: How do you view and verify the MDIO register contents when using the SetData function of the MDIO Interface to move data to the MDIO registers?
Renaming the TopDesign.cysch File of a PSoC® Creator™ Project - KBA89006
Question: If there are multiple PSoC® Creator™ projects in your workspace and the schematics of all the projects are named TopDesign.cysch, can you provide alternate names for the schematics in each of these projects?
Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI) Support in PSoC® 3/5LP - KBA89017
Question: Do you have any plans to support MIPI in PSoC® 3 or PSoC 5LP?
Application or Script to Program PSoC® - KBA88207
Question: How do you create an application or a script to program PSoC®?
Acceptance Filter Implementation for CAN Receive Message - KBA86566
Question: Full CAN only receives messages with the identifier specified in the CAN configuration window. Is it possible to receive messages from a group of identifiers in one mailbox? How do you implement this in your program?
Bit Addressability of GPIO Pins in PSoC® 3 - KBA88236
Question: How do you address individual GPIO pins in PSoC® 3?
Steps to Achieve the Maximum Possible Baud Rate for the UART in PSoC® 3, PSoC 4, and PSoC 5LP - KBA90461
Question: How do you achieve the maximum possible baud rate for the UART in PSoC® 3, PSoC 4, and PSoC 5LP?
Including the Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard (CMSIS) Library in a PSoC® Creator™ Project – KBA90457
Question: How do you include the CMSIS library in a PSoC® Creator™ project?
Routing an External Clock to PSoC® via GPIO with PSoC Creator™ – KBA90459
Question: How can you connect an external clock to PSoC®? The PSoC’s-dedicated MHz oscillator pins appear to be used only for an external crystal. The oscillator of interest is in the 10–20 MHz range, can drive a CMOS load of 15 pF, and has a rise/fall time of 6 ns.
Modifying the Full CAN Mailbox’s Identifier in the Program - KBA86567
Question: Is it possible to change the identifier of a Full CAN mailbox in the program to virtually have more than eight Full CAN mailboxes?
Difference between Full CAN and Basic CAN Mailbox - KBA86565
Question: What is the difference between Basic CAN and Full CAN mailbox?
Long File Name (LFN) Support with the emFile Component of PSoC® 3 - KBA86941
Question: What changes need to be made in a PSoC® Creator™ project for LFN support with the PSoC 3 emFile Component?
Using a 20-bit Shift Register - KBA86923
Question: How do you use a shift register with a length of 20 bits when the API ShiftReg_WriteData has an argument that is 8, 16, or 32 bits?
Receiving the Error “fmk.M0018” When Installing/Running PSoC® Creator™ – KBA88209
Question: How do you remove the error “fmk.M0018”? This error occurs while running PSoC® Creator™, as shown in Figure 1.
Management Data Input/Output (MDIO) Host Component – KBA89252
Question: Can the MDIO Host Component provided with AN83902 be used to configure the registers of the Marvell® 88E6020 switch, or other similar switches?
Serial Number String – KBA89259
Question: What is the significance of the unique serial number string option in the Full Speed USB (USBFS) Component?
Creating a Library Project as an Object Code – KBA90606
Question: How do you protect the source code and still maintain the ability to use the code blocks in PSoC® Creator™ projects?
Placing an Interrupt Routine – KBA86909
Question: Where should you write the code for an interrupt routine associated with a Component so that when a new Component is placed and the application is generated again, the original interrupt routine code is not overwritten?
VBUS Monitoring for Self-Powered Devices – KBA86920
Question: How can you monitor VBUS for a self-powered device? Is there any recommended circuit for this?
Jitter Present at the PSoC 3/5LP Clock Output – KBA90382
Question: Why does jitter appear at the clock output of a high-frequency clock? How can it be avoided?
Three-Phase PWM Generation – KBA91232
Question: How do you implement three-phase PWM generation?
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