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Advantage of multiple stop bits at Transmitter side for all PSoC devices
What is the recommended number of stop bits for UART transmitter?
Allocation of Variables at Absolute Address in RAM
How do I allocate variables at absolute address in RAM?
An error occurred while trying to download package information
I am facing following problem while downloading PSoC Designer. Error message:- "An error occurred while trying to download package information"
Analog Column clock for 3-OpAmp topology Instrumentation Amplifier
Does the analog column clock has an effect on the output of 3-OpAmp topology Instrumentation Amplifier?
Analog Reference Power setting in PSoC designer
When should I set the reference power to REF HIGH?
Analog ground not getting connected at output pin.
Why can't I get Analog Ground at the output pin even if I configure TestMux for the same, though I get RefHi and RefLo at the output in PSoC1 ?
Application or Script to Program PSoC® - KBA88207
Question: How do you create an application or a script to program PSoC®?
Assembler Directives to Specify RAM Area and Code Area
What are the reserved words in assembler to designate code and data areas?
Availability of buying CY3250-Flexcable separately
Can I buy CY3250-Flexcable separately?
Avaliability of read out programmable file using PSoC Programmer read function
Can the read out data from read function of PSoC Programmer be saved as .hex file to program another PSoC devices?
Avoiding the Dummy Byte When IrDA Rx is Started
I always get the byte 0xFF on IrDA Rx start. How can I avoid it ?
BIT addressable variables
Is it possible to define and use bit addressable variable in C?
BQTAP - Switched capacitor blocks
Bandwidth of Continuous Time Operation Amplifier of CY8C26xxx/CY8C25xxx and CY8C27xxx.
What is the bandwidth of a continuous time op-amp?
Bandwidth of PGA Block in PSoC1
What is the maximum frequency of input signal which can be fed to PGA block in PSoC1?
Battery Life Calculator – KBA88121
Question: How do you calculate the battery life in a battery-powered application?
Block part of Flash from being programmed
How to block the part of the Flash from being programmed in case of Hi-Tech compiler?
Bluetooth Interface with PSoC
Does PSoC have Bluetooth radio or can we interface USB-Bluetooth modules with PSoC?
BootLdrI2C - In Master mode
Is it possible to configure the I2C bootloader in Master mode and read the firmware from an external source?
Bootloader not working when paging is disabled.
Can I use boot loader when I disable the paging in the PSoC Designer Project?
Bringing AGND to External Pins
How do I Bring AGND to an External Pin Without the RefMux User Module?
Build Error in PSoC Designer due to illegal character in the project name
I am getting a build error in PSoC Designer. My project name is "démotd1". What could be the possible reason?
Build Warning "name translation failed on C:\PROGRA~1\Cypress - 2."
What does the build warning "name translation failed" mean?
Build error - LMM info: 'Interrupt RAM' uses too many bytes
When I try to compile my project in PSoC Designer, I get the message: Build error. LMM info: 'Interrupt RAM' uses 39 bytes in page 0. and my project does not compile. What do I need to do to make this work correctly?
C compiler license key with CY3215-DK kit
How do I get the C compiler license key that I bought with CY3215-DK kit.
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