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Getting Build Error “Name Translation Failed…” While Building a Project – KBA92308
Question: What causes the “Name translation failed…” build error while building a project? What is the solution?
EEPROM Usage Note for PSoC® 1 Family Devices - KBA82882
Question: What are the important factors to remember while using the EEPROM User Module?
Calibrating Internal References in PSoC® 1 - KBA88270
Question: When calibrating the internal reference (such as a band gap reference) in PSoC® 1, you may need to bring the reference out to a GPIO pin. However, the analog output buffer would add some offset voltage to any internal analog signal before it is brought out to a GPIO pin. Is there any way to avoid this offset addition, so as to view the exact internally generated reference?
Dynamic GPIO Mode Configuration – KBA90586
Question: How do you make a GPIO pin dynamically controllable by the CPU or by a digital block?
ImageCraft Compiler Unable to Compare Null Function Pointers with Zero – KBA88325
Question: When a function pointer with a null value is compared with zero in the PSoC® 1 ImageCraft compiler, the result of the comparison is false—that is, if pTask is a function pointer with a null value, then the condition ((pTask) != 0) reports true, which is an unexpected operation. Is there any way to overcome this?
Drive Mode Limitations on PSoC® 1 Digital Input Pins Connecting to Digital Blocks – KBA88269
Question: What drive modes can be used for a digital input pin that is connected as an input to a digital block (such as a UART receiver) in PSoC® Designer™? Can you use a pull-up drive mode for such a digital input pin?
How to Retain EEPROM Content during Flash Programming - KBA91233
Question: How do you retain flash-emulated EEPROM content during Flash programming?
CY3280-22X45 DVK – KBA83007
Question: Why is GPIO P1.7 in the CY3280-22X45 DVK not working properly?
Three-Phase PWM Generation – KBA91232
Question: How do you implement three-phase PWM generation?
Dependency Issue in Using the AMUX8 User Module in PSoC® 1 – KBA87266
Question: Using the AMUX8 User Module along with AMUX4/AMUX8 Components in adjacent columns in PSoC® Designer™ sometimes causes incorrect input channel selection. What is the reason for this, and how can this issue be avoided?
Issue with the I2C Bootloader v2.40 and Its Workaround – KBA88259
Question: Is there a problem with the I2C bootloader v2.40? If so, is there a workaround?
Maximum Capacitive Load of the Analog Buffer Output of PSoC® 1 – KBA88254
Question: What is the maximum capacitive load that can be driven by the analog buffer output of PSoC® 1?
Custom User Modules with PSoC® Designer™ 5.4 - KBA86943
Question: How do you create custom user modules (UMs) with PSoC® Designer™ 5.4?
Using an Internal Pull-Up Resistor on P1[0] and P1[1] for EZI2C – KBA91166
Question: How do you use an internal pull-up resistor on P1[0] and P1[1] for EZI2C?
Target Device/Device Catalog Option in PSoC® Designer™ Does Not Contain On-Chip Debug (OCD) Parts – KBA87264
Question: The Target Device/Device Catalog option of PSoC® Designer™ does not contain OCD PSoC 1 parts (CY8C28000/CY8C29000/CY8C27002 or any other). How do you develop a PSoC Designer project for this device and program this device?
Use of the HALT Instruction to Reduce Power Consumption – KBA91167
Question: Can the HALT instruction be used to reduce power consumption?
Interrupt Priority of the M8C Core – KBA89384
Question: What is the priority of interrupts in the M8C core?
No Provision in PSoC® Designer™ 5.4 to Provide Number of Spaces for Indent/Tab – KBA91230
Question: How do you set the number of spaces for indent/tab in PSoC® Designer™ 5.4?
Application or Script to Program PSoC® - KBA88207
Question: How do you create an application or a script to program PSoC®?
Connect/Disconnect GPIO to/from Digital Block - KBA90265
Question: How do you dynamically connect or disconnect a GPIO from a digital block in PSoC® 1 - for example, a PWM?
The RefMux Setting and the AGndBypass Option in PSoC® Designer™ - KBA86944
Question: What is the RefMux setting and what is the AGndBypass option in PSoC® Designer™? What is their significance?
External 32K Crystal Oscillator Availability in the PSoC® 1 Family - KBA82875
Question: Why can you not select an external 32K crystal oscillator for CY8C21x34 in a PSoC® Designer™ project?
Clock setting for UART Baud Rate
How to configure the baud rate for UART/TX8/RX8 User Module in PSoC1?
Configuring Analog Multipliers
How do I Configure an Analog Multiplier?
Knowledge Base – Cypress Semiconductor Cage Code – KBA89258
Question: What is Cypress Commercial and Government Entity Code or CAGE CODE?
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