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Minimum Duration of XRES in PSoC® 1 - KBA83481
Question: What is the minimum duration of XRES that will reset a PSoC® 1 device?

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Definitions of INL and DNL in an ADC
What does INL and DNL mean in an ADC ?

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Source/Sink Resistance of PSoC® 1 GPIO - KBA83806
Question: What are the source and sink resistances of PSoC 1 GPIO configured in strong drive mode?

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Comparator Generating Multiple Interrupts
My comparator is triggering multiple interrupts. What could be the reason and how to prevent the same?

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ADC10 to measure 0 to 4V
How do I implement a 10 bit Single Slope ADC (ADC10) in my PSoC 1 design?

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Configuring Programmable threshold comparator
How do I configure and implement a Programmable Threshold Comparator in my project?

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Float to ASCII conversion
How to convert float number to ASCII for displaying on LCD ?

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Configuring E2PROM user module
How do I use an E2PROM user module in my project?

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Clock Stretching and I2C speed
How does the I2C clock speed affect the duration of clock stretching introduced by the I2C slave?

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CY3217-MiniProg1 Electrostatic discharge (ESD) Resistance
How resistant is the CY3217-MiniProg1 kit to ESD noise?

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'Uninitialised Interconnect View' Message - SVG viewer
What do I do when I get the message 'Uninitialized Interconnect View' when I go to the interconnect view of PSoC designer?

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Generation of sine wave in PSoC1
How can we generate a Sine Wave in PSoC1?

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Generation of non-overlapping clocks (PWMs with Dead Band)
How to generate non-overlapping PWM signals in PSoC1?

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Custom boot.tpl. from PD 4.3 to PD 4.4
As of 4.3 I was able to extensively customize our boot.tpl files. However, in Psoc Designer 4.4 when I open the project it wants to create a new boot.tpl. If I let it, of course I lose my custom boot.tpl. If I click Cancel, it lets me keep it but refuses to do the "generate application" step. OK, I've noticed that I can re-enable the button by editing the project settings. How to solve this problem?

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Clear a Pending Interrupt
Section B:5 'Interrupt Controller' of the Technical Reference Manual says that an interrupt stays pending until it is serviced. What needs to be done to 'service' the interrupt? Also, what is it that actually clears the pending interrupt?

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Clearing the INTOUTn line from a GPIO cell
If I have an interrupt on edge, what clears the Interrupt Output (INTO) line from the GPIO cell?

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Getting error message: "cannot detect a pod"
I am getting error message: "Cannot detect a pod". How to remove it?

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CY4636 Mouse Fails to Bind
When the CY4636 Mouse is reprogrammed it cannot bind with the USB transceiver?

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CSD Wizard option disabled
When I right click on the CSD user module in my project, the CSD Wizard option is disabled. How do I enable the CSD wizard?

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1-wire Slave Device Support
Can PSoC act as a 1-wire slave device while using the 1-wire user module?

Not yet rated
DTMF Decoder
How do I implement DTMF Decoder in PSoC1 ? I can't find the DTMF Decoder User Module available in PSoC1.

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Avaliability of read out programmable file using PSoC Programmer read function
Can the read out data from read function of PSoC Programmer be saved as .hex file to program another PSoC devices?

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Calculating the current consumption of a PSoC1
How do I calculate the current consumption of a PSoC1 device?

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Choosing an I2C slave in PSoC1
Under what application needs should we use I2CHW slave and under what needs should we use EzI2Cs slave ?

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Flash read/write access from firmware in PSoC1 devices
How Can we read and write to flash in the PSoC1 devices?

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