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Target Device/Device Catalog Option in PSoC® Designer™ Does Not Contain On-Chip Debug (OCD) Parts – KBA87264
Question: The Target Device/Device Catalog option of PSoC® Designer™ does not contain OCD PSoC 1 parts (CY8C28000/CY8C29000/CY8C27002 or any other). How do you develop a PSoC Designer project for this device and program this device?

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Use of the HALT Instruction to Reduce Power Consumption – KBA91167
Question: Can the HALT instruction be used to reduce power consumption?

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Interrupt Priority of the M8C Core – KBA89384
Question: What is the priority of interrupts in the M8C core?

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No Provision in PSoC® Designer™ 5.4 to Provide Number of Spaces for Indent/Tab – KBA91230
Question: How do you set the number of spaces for indent/tab in PSoC® Designer™ 5.4?

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Application or Script to Program PSoC® - KBA88207
Question: How do you create an application or a script to program PSoC®?

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Connect/Disconnect GPIO to/from Digital Block - KBA90265
Question: How do you dynamically connect or disconnect a GPIO from a digital block in PSoC® 1 - for example, a PWM?

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The RefMux Setting and the AGndBypass Option in PSoC® Designer™ - KBA86944
Question: What is the RefMux setting and what is the AGndBypass option in PSoC® Designer™? What is their significance?

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External 32K Crystal Oscillator Availability in the PSoC® 1 Family - KBA82875
Question: Why can you not select an external 32K crystal oscillator for CY8C21x34 in a PSoC® Designer™ project?

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Clock setting for UART Baud Rate
How to configure the baud rate for UART/TX8/RX8 User Module in PSoC1?

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Configuring Analog Multipliers
How do I Configure an Analog Multiplier?

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Knowledge Base – Cypress Semiconductor Cage Code – KBA89258
Question: What is Cypress Commercial and Government Entity Code or CAGE CODE?

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A Programmer for CY8C26xxx Part - KBA88048
Question: I would like to program my CY8C26xxx part. Which programmer should I use?

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Dynamic I2C Pin Selection in PSoC® 1 – KBA88146
Question: Can you dynamically change the I2C pin (from P1[7/5] to P1[1/0] or vice versa)?

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How to Design with PSoC® 1, PowerPSoC®, and PLC – KBA88292
Question: Can you give me a comprehensive list of resources that I can use to design applications using PSoC 1, PowerPSoC, and PLC devices?

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PSoC® 1 Application Note Finder - KBA83025
Question: How do I find application notes for PSoC 1?

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Error - Could not detect pod - KBA85339
Question: When I try to either connect to the ICE or download code to the pod, I get the error message "Could not detect pod," in PSoC Designer. What are the points to be taken care of to avoid this error?

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Pseudo Random Sequence Generator with PSoC® 1 - KBA83078
Question: How do I generate a random number sequence using PSoC® 1?

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Minimum Duration of XRES in PSoC® 1 - KBA83481
Question: What is the minimum duration of XRES that will reset a PSoC® 1 device?

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Definitions of INL and DNL in an ADC
What does INL and DNL mean in an ADC ?

(4.5/5) by 2 users
Source/Sink Resistance of PSoC® 1 GPIO - KBA83806
Question: What are the source and sink resistances of PSoC 1 GPIO configured in strong drive mode?

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Comparator Generating Multiple Interrupts
My comparator is triggering multiple interrupts. What could be the reason and how to prevent the same?

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ADC10 to measure 0 to 4V
How do I implement a 10 bit Single Slope ADC (ADC10) in my PSoC 1 design?

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Configuring Programmable threshold comparator
How do I configure and implement a Programmable Threshold Comparator in my project?

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Float to ASCII conversion
How to convert float number to ASCII for displaying on LCD ?

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Configuring E2PROM user module
How do I use an E2PROM user module in my project?

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