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Issues with Comparing the Value of a RAM Variable in C – KBA96489
Question: Compare instructions do not work correctly with the variable value in C. The RAM variable is defined with the #define directive, such as this: #define StackTop (* (int*) 0x7fe). It is possible to read/modify the value of the variable in the C code correctly.
Hex File Changes After Migrating from PSoC® Designer™ 5.3 to 5.4 – KBA95795
Question: Why does the hex file change after building the PSoC Designer 5.3 project in PD 5.4 if neither user modules nor the boot.tpl file is updated? How to avoid the hex file change?
CY3217-MiniProg1 Electrostatic Discharge Resistance – KBA83013
Question: How resistant is the CY3217-MiniProg1 kit to electrostatic discharge (ESD) noise?
Error Installing CY8C28 Kit Collateral from the PSoC® 1 CD Available in CY8CKIT001B – KBA83323
Question: How do you resolve an exception during a WebClient request received from the CY8C28 kit collateral from the PSoC® 1 CD available in CY8CKIT001B?
I2CHW User Module Slave Operation – KBA83004
Question: How do you implement an I2C slave using the I2CHW User Module in PSoC® 1?
PSoC® 1 Data Port Bit Manipulation – KBA83008
Question: How do you manipulate port bits of PSoC® 1?
Increasing the Output Power of the PSoC 1 Switch Mode Pump (SMP) - KBA94769
Question: How do I increase the output power of the Switch Mode Pump (SMP) in PSoC 1?
PSoC® 1 UART cGetChar API Fails When the UART RxCmdBuffer Is Enabled – KBA89345
Question: The cGetChar API fails when the UART RxCmdBuffer is enabled in the UART user module parameters. What is the reason for this?
Switching Between ImageCraft™ and Hi-Tech C® Compilers – KBA83349
Question: How do you switch between the ImageCraft™ and Hi-Tech C® compilers?
ICC Compiler Support for the strtol() Library Function – KBA88266
Question: Does the ICC compiler support the strtol() library function?
Internet Explorer® Script Error Pops Up Whenever Any Project or Workspace is Opened – KBA83317
Question: Whenever any project or workspace is opened, PSoC® Designer™ gives the Internet Explorer® script error "'g_SvgDoc.rootElement' is null or not an object.” How do you fix this problem?
PSoC® Designer™ Is Not Responding On a PC with Kaspersky™ Software Installed – KBA93563
Question: While building a project, PSoC® Designer™ stops responding during the Generate/Build process, and Windows® Task Manager shows that make.exe is using 99 percent of the CPU. Why does this issue occur? What is the solution?
ImageCraft© Pro Compiler for PSoC® Designer™ – KBA88118
Question: Does PSoC Designer support the Imagecraft Pro compiler?
PSoC® USB Mass Storage Class Support – KBA93269
Question: Does the PSoC® family of devices support the USB mass storage class (MSC)? If so, are there any working examples that can be used as a reference?
ImageCraft Compiler Optimizing Out Inline asm Code Following a Return Statement – KBA90110
Question: The ImageCraft compiler optimizes out any inline asm code that is placed after the return statement in a function. If this inline asm code contains any label that is called from any other piece of code, then the compiler throws an error that the label is undefined. How can you work around this issue?
Writing to the Port Data Register of a Hardware Digital Output Pin in PSoC® 1 – KBA89343
Question: Consider a PSoC® 1 GPIO pin that is connected as an output of a digital block. If some value is written to this digital output pin’s Port Data register, will this pin be forced to the value written in the Port Data register?
Battery Life Calculator – KBA88121
Question: How do you calculate the battery life in a battery-powered application?
Learning Embedded C – KBA93302
Question: How can you get started with learning embedded C programming?
Missing Watchdog Enable Parameter in CY8C29xxx Devices – KBA85221
Question: You created a new project with a CY8C29xxx device in PSoC® Designer™ 5.3. However, you cannot find the Watchdog Enable parameter in the Global Resources window. Is there a workaround?
Getting an Internal Inconsistency Check Error - KBA92909
Question: How do you avoid the following build error?
ICE-Cube Connection Status After a System Reset – KBA90584
Question: Is the ICE-Cube (in-circuit emulator) connection with the PC retained after a system reset?
Error while Installing PSoC® Designer™: "There is no script engine for file extension .vbs" – KBA88204
Question: How do you remove the error “There is no script engine for file extension .vbs” while installing PSoC® Designer™?
Initial Values of GPIO Pins and Shadow Register – KBA88907
Question: Are the initial values set in the pin configuration window reflected in the shadow registers?
Multiple GPIO Interrupts Occurring from Different GPIO Pins in PSoC® 1 – KBA91229
Question: How do you detect multiple GPIO interrupts from different GPIO pins in PSoC® 1?
Software Delay Functions in PSoC® Designer™ – KBA82879
Question: How do you implement software delays in PSoC® Designer™ projects?
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