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EEPROM Usage Note for PSoC® 1 Family Devices - KBA82882
Question: What are the important factors to remember while using the EEPROM User Module?
Getting Build Error “Name Translation Failed…” While Building a Project – KBA92308
Question: What causes the “Name translation failed…” build error while building a project? What is the solution?
bFMEA_CheckSensorShort API Corrupts Some RAM Variables – KBA92307
Question: The bFMEA_CheckSensorShort API in the SmartSense2X ver. 1.10 and SmartSense2X_EMC ver. 1.00 User Modules (for CY8C21x45 and CY8C22x45 devices only) corrupts some RAM variables. What is the reason for this and what is the workaround?
Building PSoC® Creator™ Projects Using Commands - KBA88205
Question: How do you build PSoC® Creator™ (PSoC 3/4/5LP) projects using the command in command prompt?
Device Selection in PSoC® Programmer™ - KBA88255
Question: Why are all the PSoC® device families not displayed in the PSoC Programmer™ Device Family drop-down box?
Controlling a PSoC® 3 and 5LP GPIO in Firmware – KBA82883
Question: How do you control a PSoC® 3 and 5LP GPIO in firmware?
Initializing the EEPROM Space in PSoC® 1 – KBA92309
Question: How do you initialize the EEPROM space in PSoC® 1?
PSoC Creator Bootloader Host Program Downloads Bootloadable Image Only Once
With a bootloader project created in PSoC Creator 1.0, the PSoC Creator 2.0 bootloader host program downloads the bootloadable image only once.
PSoC Software Error 1628: Failed to Complete Script-Based Installation / Failed to complete script based install.
What is the work around when PSoC Designer installation give Error 1628?
Use of User-Defined Descriptors in a Full Speed USB Component – KBA91688
Question: How can you define your own descriptors in a Full Speed USB (USBFS) Component?
“Can't Acquire Device” Error When Programming PSoC® 1 – KBA83543
Question: What should I do if I get a "Can't acquire device" error when programming a PSoC® 1 device?
Alternate printf Function for PSoC® 4 – KBA87093
Question: The printf function consumes significant flash memory in PSoC® 4. Is there any alternate function for printf?
Comparator in the PSoC® 4000 Family – KBA91257
Question: How is the comparator in the PSoC® 4000 family different? What are its limitations?
Configuring the Clocks in PSoC® 4000 - KBA91259
Question: How do you configure the clocks in PSoC® 4000?
I/O System Restrictions in the PSoC® 4000 Family – KBA91258
Question: How is the PSoC® 4000 I/O system different from the rest of the PSoC 4 family? What are the restrictions on the pin usages?
I2C Block of PSoC® 4000 Family Devices in Deep-Sleep Mode – KBA90958
Question: Does the I2C block in PSoC 4000 family devices work in the deep-sleep mode?
Sink/Source Current Capability of a PSoC® 4 GPIO - KBA87090
Question: What is the sink/source current capability of a PSoC® 4 GPIO?
Time Period Measurement in PSoC® 4 – KBA87496
Question:How do you measure a time period using PSoC® 4?
Serial Wire Debug (SWD) Using USBIO Pins in PSoC® 3 and PSoC 5LP – KBA82881
Question: How can you do an SWD using USBIO pins?
Occasional Corruption in Results of PSoC® 1 ADCINCVR/DUALADC/TRIADC – KBA88326
Question: The conversion results of PSoC® 1 ADCs such as ADCINCVR, DUALADC, and TRIADC sometimes show a large glitch (typically a negative spike), although the input voltage is stable. What causes this, and how do you overcome this issue?
Bluetooth Interface with PSoC
Does PSoC have Bluetooth radio or can we interface USB-Bluetooth modules with PSoC?
The Measured Current Is Smaller Than Set in the CapSense® User Modules and IDACL_D/IDACR_D Registers – KBA92751
Question: The measured current is smaller than the current set in the CapSense® User Modules and IDACL_D/IDACR_D registers on the CY8C21x45, CY8C22x45, and CY8C28xxx devices. What is the reason for this and what is the workaround?
Problems with Character LCD v1.80 beyond 24 MHz - KBA91001
Question: What problem results from operating the v1.80 character LCD beyond 24 MHz? How should you solve it?
Software Delay Functions in PSoC® Designer™ – KBA82879
Question: How do you implement software delays in PSoC® Designer™ projects?
Using Two IDACs and an AMUX Component in PSoC® 4 – KBA89008
Question: Is it possible to use the two IDACs along with an AMUX component in PSoC® 4? If not, to what other components does this restriction apply?
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