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Differences Between SIO and GPIO Pins in PSoC® 3 and PSoC 5LP – KBA91716 Updated
Question: What are the differences between SIO and GPIO pins in PSoC® 3 and PSoC 5LP?
Issues with Comparing the Value of a RAM Variable in C – KBA96489 New
Question: Compare instructions do not work correctly with the variable value in C. The RAM variable is defined with the #define directive, such as this: #define StackTop (* (int*) 0x7fe). It is possible to read/modify the value of the variable in the C code correctly.
Using Embedded Trace Macrocell (ETM) – KBA90952
Question: The PSoC® Creator™ DWR System Editor has an Embedded Trace (ETM) option. How do I use this feature?
CPU Code Execution and Writing to Flash Memory of PSoC® 3/4/5LP Devices - KBA90912
Question: Will the CPU execution be halted during a flash memory write in PSoC 3/4/5LP devices?
Variation of Parasitic Capacitance (CP) Between Segments in a Slider Design Using Dual IDAC Mode – KBA91404
Question: How much parasitic capacitance (CP) can vary from one segment to another segment in a slider design using dual IDAC mode?
Locating Object Files at a Specific Memory Section in PSoC® Creator™- GCC Compiler Linker Script File - KBA91336
Question: In my PSoC 4/ PSoC 5LP project, I would like to locate all the functions in a source file to a particular section defined in the gcc linker script file. Can I implement this using only the object file of the respective source file instead of adding additional code in the source file? If so, can I do the same for source files generated by PSoC Creator as well as user-defined source files?
PSoC® 4100/4200 SAR ADC Configurable Sample Time – KBA87493
Question: What is the PSoC 4100/4200 SAR ADC configurable sample time (acquisition time)?
Executing Code While Writing to EEPROM in PSoC® 3 and PSoC 5 - KBA83440
Question: Can we execute code while writing to EEPROM in PSoC® 3 and PSoC® 5?
Implementing a 32-kHz ECO Interface with PSoC® 4100/PSoC 4200 – KBA95848
Question: How can we implement a 32.768-kHz external crystal oscillator (ECO) interface with PSoC 4100 and PSoC 4200 series devices?
Hex File Changes After Migrating from PSoC® Designer™ 5.3 to 5.4 – KBA95795
Question: Why does the hex file change after building the PSoC Designer 5.3 project in PD 5.4 if neither user modules nor the boot.tpl file is updated? How to avoid the hex file change?
Analog Routing Rules in PSoC® 4 BLE – KBA95947
Question: What are the rules for analog routing in PSoC 4 BLE?
Effect of Wave Soldering on F-RAM™ Data Retention – KBA90429
Question: What is the effect of wave soldering on the data retention of F-RAM?
Where can I find code examples in - KBA94993
Question: Where can I find code examples in
CY3217-MiniProg1 Electrostatic Discharge Resistance – KBA83013
Question: How resistant is the CY3217-MiniProg1 kit to electrostatic discharge (ESD) noise?
Error Installing CY8C28 Kit Collateral from the PSoC® 1 CD Available in CY8CKIT001B – KBA83323
Question: How do you resolve an exception during a WebClient request received from the CY8C28 kit collateral from the PSoC® 1 CD available in CY8CKIT001B?
I2CHW User Module Slave Operation – KBA83004
Question: How do you implement an I2C slave using the I2CHW User Module in PSoC® 1?
Migrating Projects from PSoC® Creator™ 1.0 to Creator 2.0 and Later Releases – KBA85400
Question: How do you migrate projects in PSoC® Creator™ 1.0 to Creator 2.0 or later versions?
PSoC® 1 Data Port Bit Manipulation – KBA83008
Question: How do you manipulate port bits of PSoC® 1?
Programming third party's devices using MiniProg3 with JTAG chain
I have multiple devices other than PSoC 3/5 on a board, Can I use MiniProg3 to program all of them with a JTAG chain?
Error in Opening a Project Created in PSoC® Designer™ 5.1 Service Pack 2 after Installing an Emergency Patch - KBA83285
Question: Why can I not open a project created using PSoC® Designer™ (PD) 5.1 Service Pack (SP) 2 after installing the PD 5.1 SP2 emergency patch?
Procedure to Fetch the Contents from Every Flash Location in PSoC® 4 – KBA91483
Question: A flash read operation in PSoC® 4 does not work as expected when you try to access the first 192 locations using a pointer.What is the reason behind this? Do you have to change any settings before accessing the flash contents? Does this issue apply to PSoC 5LP as well?
Increasing the Output Power of the PSoC 1 Switch Mode Pump (SMP) - KBA94769
Question: How do I increase the output power of the Switch Mode Pump (SMP) in PSoC 1?
PSoC® 1 UART cGetChar API Fails When the UART RxCmdBuffer Is Enabled – KBA89345
Question: The cGetChar API fails when the UART RxCmdBuffer is enabled in the UART user module parameters. What is the reason for this?
Switching Between ImageCraft™ and Hi-Tech C® Compilers – KBA83349
Question: How do you switch between the ImageCraft™ and Hi-Tech C® compilers?
Programming Modes Supported in a 48-Pin PSoC® 3 Device – KBA94456
Question: What programming modes are supported in a 48-pin PSoC® 3 device?
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