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Mean Time to Failure Versus Mean Time Between Failure – KBA94271
Question: What is the difference between Mean Time to Failure (MTTF) and Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)?
International Labor and Human Rights Standards – KBA81321
Question: What is Cypress’s position on international labor and human rights standards?
CY3635 WirelessUSB N:1 DVK v1.0 Hardware and Software Files - KBA88232
Question: Where can you find the CY3635 WirelessUSB N:1 DVK v1.0 Software and Hardware files?
ArtaFlex CyFi Module + PA - Gerber Files
Can I get the Gerber files for the ArtaFlex Radio Module with Power Amplifier which is part of CY3209 kit.
Applications supported by PRoC-CS - KBA82013
Question: What applications are supported by PRoC-CS?
Knowledge Base – Cypress Semiconductor Cage Code – KBA89258
Question: What is Cypress Commercial and Government Entity Code or CAGE CODE?
Interoperating WUSB-NL DVK (CY3668 Rev. **) with nonDVK WUSB-NL Hardware - KBA83288
Question: How do I interoperate WUSB-NL DVK (CY3668 Rev. **) with a WUSB-NL-based nonDVK device?
Antenna Type and Location for WUSB-NL - KBA83398
Question:What should be the antenna type and location for WUSB-NL?
Recommendations for PCB Layout for WUSB-NL - KBA83397
Question: What are the recommendations for a PCB Layout for WUSB-NL?
Compatibility between the WirelessUSB™-NL Radio Modules Provided with CY3668 Rev. ** and CY3668 Rev. *A - KBA86365
Question: Is the WirelessUSB™-NL radio module provided with the WUSB-NL development kit (CY3668) Rev. ** compatible with Rev. *A?
How to Configure the CyFi Protocol Data Rate in CY3271 Kit - KBA84673
Question: How do I configure the CyFi protocol data rate in the CY3271 Kit?
Wireless Keyboard Design - KBA82952
Question: What is Cypress’s portfolio to support a wireless keyboard design?
Cypress’s Portfolio to Support a Presenter’s Design - KBA82956
Question:What is Cypress’s portfolio to support a Presenter’s design?
Cypress’s Portfolio to Support RF Remote Design - KBA82958
Question:What is Cypress’s portfolio to support RF remote design?
Wireless Mouse Design - KBA82950
Question: What is Cypress’s portfolio to support a wireless mouse design?
Cypress’s Portfolio to Support a Dongle Design - KBA82953
Question: What is Cypress’s portfolio to support a Dongle design?
Different Kinds of Binding Mechanisms Supported by WUSB-NL - KBA82959
Question: What are the different kinds of binding mechanisms supported by WUSB-NL?
Forward Error Correction Support in WirelessUSB-NL - KBA82944
Question: Does WirelessUSB-NL support forward error correction (FEC)?
Data Whitening Support in WirelessUSB-NL - KBA82945
Question: Does WirelessUSB-NL support data whitening?
AgileHID™ - KBA82946
Question: What is AgileHID™?
Different Modules of AgileHID for Wireless Devices - KBA82947
Question: Does the AgileHID protocol have different modules for wireless device (keyboard, mouse) and dongle?
Advantages of Closed-Loop Phase Locked Loop (PLL) - KBA82948
Question: What are the advantages of phase-locked loop (PLL) in WirelessUSB-NL?
Applications Supported by PRoC-EMB - KBA83002
Question: What are the applications supported by PRoC-EMB?
I/Os available for Capacitive Sensing in PROC-UI – KBA82019
Question: How many I/Os are free for capacitive sensing in PRoC-UI?
Using an External MCU with PROC-UI - KBA82025
Question: When should I use an external MCU with PRoC-UI?
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